Saturday, April 03, 2010

A dream come true!

On March 19th I had a dream come true. Seriously!!
I know you probably think I am a loser for being thrilled by such a little thing, but seriously it was one of the most fun things I have done in my life!
I got to go to the radio station and co-host the morning show with Dave Clemens from 7-9am.
It was awesome!! Dave is so great on the radio. I listen to him every morning! He was so fun to be with in the studio and was super nice and really calmed my nerves and made me comfortable. One of the nicest guys!! I'm so lucky!
I got the opportunity to do the radio show because Dave, the DJ is in my bootcamp class and I was on the radio talking about our bootcamp program. So, I need to thank Elite Fitness for trusting me with representing their business as well.
It was awesome!
Dave was kind enough to give me the "back stage pass" of the radio station and showed me how he puts the show together etc., and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. I still get happy just thinking about it. It was SO FUN!! So awesome!
I thanked Dave again in class the other day for my great experience and he offered to have me on again some time!!! Seriously??? I would LOVE to do it again!! Who knows... maybe in another stage of life I will do radio.
Did I mention it was AWESOME???!!!!

Grin and Bear It

Some of my girlfriends in the ward have been training to run a 5K and on March 13th I joined them as most of them ran their FIRST 5k: "Grin and Bear It". I was so proud of them. They did a great job and I was glad they invited me to join them.
Here's a little video I put together of their run.
(Unfortunately my batteries in my camera died after the first mile so the later pics and video are with my phone... but you get the idea. My video editor kinda stinks too.)
What's next ladies??

Friday, April 02, 2010

Sportsmen's Show 2010

March 12, 2010
The Sportsman's Expo was such a big hit last year we decided to head out again this year.
We went to a dog training class and I have been doing the training with Star with the check cord and it really seems to be working!! :D
I also got to go to a "Camp Cooking" workshop and learned how to make the yummiest biscuit desserts, and some super yummy pear compote to put on your oatmeal, and of course LOTS of butter!!! Mmmm! Also learned about this new flavored Vanilla. Pick it up if you can find it. Delice!
The kids had fun painting the decoys again
and of course the ever popular fishing pond!
I think this is Elise's catch.
Ethan's catch
We brought Weston with us, and he was able to make a catch too!
Who doesn't love fishin' when everyone gets to catch something?
Another great succesful trip to the Sportsmen's show.
I'm crossing my fingers this dog training continues to be successful.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Eagle watch

Feb 27, 2010
Saturday morning we headed out to Round Butte State park, @ Lake Billy Chinook for Eagle Watch 2010.
This golden eagle is injured and was part of a presentation about eagles and on display along with several other birds of prey. There were a lot of fun activities for the kids including making bags
(Belle, Elise's friend, joined us for the day)
and buttons
and a FREE hotdog cookout lunch put on by these nice gentlemen
We couldn't have ordered a more BEAUTIFUL February day.
I think it was close to 70 degrees!
Some more pics of the birds on display

We could see the eagles in the cliffs on the other side of the lake

Checkin' out the eagles
After the "Eagle Watch" we went down to the Lake to mess around since it was such a BEAUTIFUL DAY!
It all starts with some innocent rock throwing
Then it's "Can I just take my socks off?"
Next thing you know... "uh oh!" and they're soaking wet :D
How often do you get to do this in February??
Feeling like spring may soon be here!!

Going once, going twice... sold!

You just won this MONSTROUS volcano cake at the Blue and Gold Banquet/ Cake auction!!
This is the cake the kids decided they wanted and Oh Boy! was it a load of sugar! Even the kids thought it was too much. I know it took 3 cake mixes and is covered in marshmallow!
This is one of the cakes we took to the event
This is the other... It isn't pretty, but we hid a bunch of $$ in it, so that make up for it!
Here were some other cute ideas
This one is cupcakes with piped frosting, ferroro rocher for meatballs and strawberry topping.
I can't quite remember how the toppings were done on this one. Mostly colored frosting and licorice bits. You'll have to double click on the picture to get a better look.
They raised all the funds they needed for cub scout day camp and went home all sugared up (because we all know that, that is just what a group of boy scouts need!)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The big four-oh!

Feb 20, 2010
I had hoped to have a big party for Brad's 40th birthday, but with schedules being what they were and the church ski night falling the eve of his birthday I decided to combine the two.
I made some B.A. sandwiches and a couple crockpots of macaroni to share with everyone, some decorations,
and of course some cake
The best part was when everyone sang "Happy Birthday", I wish I would have got video. It sounded pretty impressive. Oh well. It was nice to have so many in our ward family celebrate with us.
This is Brad's 40th birthday present. A Canon 7D. I think he's still learning the ins and outs, but I know even the kids seem to be able to take good pictures with this camera!HAPPY 40TH BRAD!

Keeping everybody happy

Feb 12 2010
I volunteered to decorate the school's lobby and set up for the annual school fair, only to find out the next weekend at church that there was going to be a ward 50's-60's party on the same night!! What to do?? I was so excited for the party, but couldn't get out of my responsibilies at the school. I decided to do both, so I put up my decorations and we let the kids play games and eat pizza at the school for a couple hours, then we were off to the party.
I am so happy with how the decorations turned out I have to show you all so you can all tell me how great it looks :D You see I am creatively challenged, so I was so happy to have this turn out so cute.

No, I did not free hand those cute little critters. Totally copied them on the overhead projector. My instructional technology teacher at BYU would be proud I put my skills to such great use. LOL! Who says I don't use my college education?? Here we are at the church party We did a little performance as Johnny Cash and June Carter.

June could use a little more practice (I'll chalk it up to stage fright) but Johnny did GREAT!

The party even had a soda fountain with anything you could ever want. It was AMAZING! Marilyn Larsen and the activities commitee did a great job! Couldn't resist a little smooch at the soda fountain So fun! and we managed to do it all! The kids were happy to go to their fair and I was happy to get to go to the party!