Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Rise and Shout"

"Rise and Shout the Cougars are out, along the trail to fame and glory!"
(Cougar Fight song)

Friday was BYU day for us. It was fun to be back again. A lot of things have changed though.
Being "Alumni" we got to take the old fogies golf cart tour of campus :D

Checked out the bookstore and the fancy new food court at the CougarEat. Wow! Do the students have it good now!

We had some fun at the Science building... Brad really wanted to show the kids the Vortex cannon :D
The kids practiced lecturing in this auditorium.

Did a little bowling at the "Games Centre"

And walked around campus some more. I am sure the kids were sick of hearing us say the whole time "Remember when...", "This wasn't here before!", "This isn't the same", "They have it so good now"

I am soooo stoked for my kids to go to BYU now!! I really want them to go, so that I can go and visit them! Our campus visit was so fun. We ended up spending 8 hours just hanging out on campus.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday's drive to Utah & Thursday's fun

We started out at 8am Wednesday for our 650 mile trip to Utah.

We had borrowed some DVDs from the library only to find that Star had chewed the cord that connected the 2 screens. The second screen would work only if you held the cord "just right." Elise sacrificed for the good of the team and jiggled the cord "just so" and sat very still so as not to disturb the cord. Yeah for Elise!! When we got into Utah we were looking for a place to eat and found Cafe Rio. I have heard so much about this place we decided we HAD to try it. I have to say I really liked my enchilada, and the rice was awesome, especially for being "fast food." I ended up getting 2 meals out of mine. We wanted to go back again, but were never hungry enough to justify it :DThursday morning we met up with our good friends from Mass., the Gygis. It was really good to see them again.
We had planned to go to Timpanogos cave together, but the cave tours were booked 'til later than they had time for. So we just went for a walk together and had icecream.

Joel and Abby were really cute together

All together again

Sadly we had to say goodbye (again) as the Gygi's had prior commitments.

We stuck around though and made the 1.5 mile, 1000 foot climb up to the Timpanogos cave at 1pm in 100 degree heat. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Don't they look like happy campers?

Here are the happy hikers, going up the last 1/4 mile.

I was impressed Abby made it up. She only got the ride for the last 1/4 mile.

This is what your car looks like from 1,000 feet up.

We kept encouraging the kids to keep going and telling them how nice and cool the cave would be. And of course it was a cool 42 degrees and the formations were very cool too.

Once we finished our cave experience we decided to head down to Provo to some of our old haunts. As we drove around to some of our old apartments we couldn't believe how run down and small some of the places were. Ahh, love is blind :-D

While the dorms we lived in when we first met were demolished a few months ago, the dorm I lived in my second year and where we spent most of our dating days was still there, so we had a little reunion there for old times sake (16 years later!).

Brad and I used to like this shake shop in Pleasant Grove called "The Purple Turtle", and for Brad it was the "Gold Standard" in shakes. So... we had to go and see if it was as good as he remembered. Brad's favorite and the ultimate shake
So... was it as good?

Have you ever been to the Purple Turtle? If not, next time you may find yourself in Utah, make it a stop on your trip. The shakes are so filling we only ate half and saved the other half for a "milkshake" the next day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Canoe" say lots of fun?!

A couple Mondays ago we joined a couple families in our ward for a canoeing FHE.
My camera ran out of batteries... again... and... again... my friend SueLynn rescued me and let me take a couple pictures of
"The Vikings!!"
Bishop was very brave taking on all these rowdy boys on his own!
It was a great night! We paddled upstream where the boys "practiced" tipping their canoe and were so cold after we returned, that hot chocolate was in order for the evenings finale.
Ahhh... I LOVE being able to go canoeing on the river. So fun!!
p.s. I am going through our Utah pictures and will try to get a post up about our trip ASAP :D