Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calling all crafters

I am in the throws of finding crafts for our upcoming "Super Saturday." I am looking for cheap (prefereably $10 and under) but cute crafts to do.
If you have any ideas would you shoot me an email or leave me a link to something cute you have done or seen done?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

DJ Campout

On Friday we had our campout with the Peak 104.1 DJs and it was so fun!! It was the perfect way to camp. They provided the food and entertainment and all we had to do was set up our tent.

We arrived and set up our tent and they fed us cheeseburgers and hotdogs with all the fixin's, salads and nachos. After supper they had a scanvenger hunt and a little tria game about Dave and Bryon.

Samantha and I represented our "brood"Unfortunately we got kicked out on a "trick" question and didn't win :-( We had a campfire and they had brought stuff for s'mores. So that was fun and then we got to chat around the campfire and talk about the show and the business of radio. It was actually quite educational and they were of course very funny as well.
Did you know that the radio gets their playlist and is even told what order to play them in?! I was suprised it was that regimented. In the morning we had the choice of breakfast cereal, bagels, or a yummy breakfast burrito. Then after breakfast there were more giveaways and when our turn came to pick a prize from their selection, I let Ethan choose and he chose this.....????

There was better stuff, but he thought the egg carton was pretty cool I guess. I think they took pitty on us and gave Brad one of the "extra" prizes- a quilted camping jacket.

Here's our group. They were some of the nicest people. All really nice families. I even met a guy who was Jacoby Ellsbury's neighbour and has known him since he was a toddler. He told me that Jacoby is really a good, humble guy. Yeah!! LOVE Jacoby!! Here we are with Dave and Bryon on Saturday morning.

Check out how small Bryon is... even stepping on a log he's still shorter than Dave. They had a "free for all" for the kids of a bunch of left over stuff from their "prize closet." I took a little video of the dash

It really was SO fun!! I've decided that is the way to camp... just set up the tent and let others provide the food and entertainment.

Come on now... I know you're all jealous..... :-)