Saturday, February 02, 2008

Plowing through

Tomorrow will be day 6 I have made use of my snow tires! Yes, it has continued to snow and no, they still haven't really plowed much. All the streets except the highway are packed snow. As I was reminiscing great snows I have enjoyed I could not help but reflect on the great snows we had in Montreal. Now Montreal knows how to clean a street. I know I have tried to explain the process to people, but could never fully explain, nor could anyone who hasn't seen it fully appreciate the choreography of large machinery that is snow removal in Montreal. It was amazing and ALWAYS entertaining. Now through the miracle of Youtube I can now share that with you.
If I may quickly set the stage... there will be a heavy snow fall, then a truck with a bright flashing light comes down your street honking his horn alerting you to move your vehicle because the snow removal crew is coming. If you do not move your vehicle, you are towed!! Then come the little army of small plows, pushing the snow off the sidewalks etc.into piles on the road, then come 2 graders that push the snow into one huge snowbank, then comes the cool machine that sucks up the snow and dumps it in the truck to be hauled away, followed by another huge truck to take over once the first truck is full, and bringing up the rear is another small plow just to tidy up, and voila, no more snow!! It is so cool!
The best video I could find has german subtitles, but you get the idea (it's about 2 min.)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Flashback Friday - circa 1978

I don't have in my possesion many pictures of me as a youngster, but a family friend sent this to me awhile back so I thought I would post it for you.

I believe this is out at Little Bow campground. I have great memories of riding my bike around and around and around that campground- although you'd never know it by the expression on my face in this picture. That is our trusty tent trailer in the back ground, Carey is on the log behind me and my sister Christie running. Don't you just love my dad's ensemble and I don't remember him ever wearing that hat, but I guess he did. Camping is the best! We look forward to doing some more of it now that we live here. Do you like camping?

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tag You're It

So, my sister in law Shawna tagged me (I hope I do this right)

The Good
1- I will do anything for you. I will even give up cleaning up my house, folding and ironing (see Bad section 1)
2- I love to talk (I think this goes under the good section) Brad tells me all the time he thinks there is a sign on my forehead that reads "Talk to me". I'm not too bad at listening either :D
3- I have great kids and the funniest husband.

The Bad
1- I hate housework. Cleaning, ironing, laundry... anything
2- I am a clutter bug. I hate throwing anything away! (Thanks mom and dad for still holding on to those Lady Di albums for me at home, as well as a dried up corsage from grade 9 from a boy I really didn't like, as well as my 2nd grade drawing of a rabbit and a diecut telephone I got from kindergarten when I memorized my telephone number and....... a room full of my junk and a box in the basement)
3- I am a piler (is that even a word?) - I like to make piles. I am looking at several right now on my computer desk
4- I am a procrastinator. Don't know why... I have tried to be better. Sometimes I will try to plan in advance, but the night before I am always changing things, or just adding "one more thing" that will make it better.

The Ugly
1- Me doing aerobics... maybe I should put this under the scary section. I am soooo uncoordinated
2- Me getting up in the morning. Ugh! I HATE mornings.
3- My hair most of the time. I hate spending time on my hair.

So that's the good, the bad and the ugly of me!
Now I tag Brittany, Dori and Suelynn

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"A Penny or Ten Cents!"

Ethan and Abby our little entrepreneurs, decided on Sunday to make Tinker Toy creations and sell them to Brad and I to earn money. Surprisingly some of them actually did something or performed some function, at least in Ethan's mind. Most of them cost a penny or 10 cents. Ethan collected all his money to take to school this week to buy at the school "store" where they sell pencils and erasers etc. It was funny to hear them talk about their store and the money they were going to make. Would you like a tinker toy creation?? "A penny or 10 cents!!!"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Greatest Toy! $5.50 plus deposit

Ethan, Abby and Elise made this house/garage for Ethan's cars on Saturday morning. They have played and played with that for hours (without fighting or bickering!) I hated to make them get ready for the day and clean their rooms because they were playing so happily with it. This has been the greatest toy and we got to drink the soda to boot!

Winter Wonderland

While I didn't think the snow so glorious Sunday on my way to and from church as I slid and slipped all the way there and back. The scene out of my 2nd floor window was beautiful so I thought I would share it with you.
This morning I went and bought snow tires! I feel so mean in those babies! So, if you live in Bend, no need to worry... there won't be any more snow storms because I am now prepared. The roads should remain nice and dry for the next 10 months!

Monday, January 28, 2008

In memory of President Hinckley

I too feel compelled to write a few words about President Hinckley. My first thought upon hearing the news was one of relief, I suppose. I thought it was nice that he had passed peacefully with out too much apparent suffering. I remembered the long illness of President Benson. I also thought of the happy reunion he must have had with his wife, as it was apparent that he missed her dearly.

Later in the evening I was able to reflect upon the "good times" with President Hinckley, and the many times he made me smile, and the many times the spirit has testified to me of his calling as the prophet of the church. I then realized things will be different without him.

I was privileged to be in his presence on a few occasions. The first being when he addressed our Married Stake at BYU in 96. I remember that Samantha was a baby (9 mo.), and I got to the Marriott Center early to "get a good seat" because this was the first time Samantha would get to see the prophet, and I wanted her to see him. Of course she doesn't remember, but I do. I couldn't believe how accustomed the students were to being in the presence of the leaders of the church, that there really weren't that many at the meeting early to be in the presence of the prophet!! President Hinckley also attended the graduation ceremony when Brad graduated in 96, I remember because he walked right by where we were standing outside. I even snapped a pic. President Hinckley also dedicated the Montreal, Quebec temple in 2000, that we were also privileged to attend.

There isn't a question in my mind that he was truly a prophet for this time, in this dispensation.

You can read more information here, or here.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A really slick move!

Tonight our ward went night skiing at Hoodoo. It was such a great deal! We got our lift ticket AND rentals for $15!! It snowed the whole time we were there, so as the evening got cooler the chairs got more and more slippery. As we were getting near the top Samantha leaned forward to get ready to unload and whoosh... she was gone. Luckily she fell a few feet in front of the ramp in powder(about 5 feet above the ground) and she had a soft landing... but it was pretty scary!!! The kids did really great by the end of the night. The big girls even went up the big chair and did a great job going down the big slopes. It was so cool to be able to see our friends from the ward on the ski hill and hear them cheering on our kids from the chairlift (Abby really ate that up!) and helping out our children, waiting from them, and helping them when they fell. We are so lucky to have such a great ward family!