Saturday, June 21, 2008

"My Legs Relay Hurt"

That was the name of our relay team for Saturday's "High Desert Dash." It was a 5 person, 35 mile run from Bend, up the road to Mount Bachelor (ouch!) and then back down to Sunriver. We were lucky that it really was the perfect day to run, for the most part the day was overcast and even a couple of showers. Each team member ran approx. 7 miles over 2 legs of the race (although some had much harder, longer, and steeper runs than others) I got off pretty easy :D
I thought I would share a couple pics of the days events.

The "Dashers"
Deborah, Jill, Me, Emily & Stefanie
The Exchange
This gal Stephanie (in the green) was awesome! She has Type I diabetes and is on an insulin pump and she took on the hardest, longest legs of the run. She was awesome!
It was a fun event and by the end we could honestly say
"My Legs Relay Hurt!"


Lake Billy Chinook, that is.
On Friday we went to the lake with our friends, the Victors. I couldn't believe how warm the water was for June.

We sunbathed (my friend Emily)

The kids swam (Sammy and Elise)

Horsed around

Played in the sand

and contemplated the meaning of life
(Bailey and Ethan)
We had a great time and will definitely be doing this trip again!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kids Camping

Since we're going camping in a few weeks I thought I had better pull out the tent and make sure it wasn't all moldy since it had been through it's share of floods in the basement over the last few years.
Surprisingly the tent was just fine.. I couldn't believe it! It has proven to be a great hang out for the kids the last few days. Monday night the kids decided they wanted to sleep in the tent. We set them up with the portable DVD player, TV and gamecube and they had a great time.
I fully expected the kids to be running back in the house by 1am, as the temperature was dropping down to 40 degrees, but they lasted all night!!

They were decked out pretty well though in their winter hats, gloves, and extra blankets!
These kids are hard core campers!!

Father's Day

"The Dads"
For Father's Day we were invited to our neighbours' for a Father's Day BBQ with yummy ribs, salads, and delicious pico de gallo! It was great.
Even better was the dad's spending time with the kids in the backyard after dinner!

Best of all was dessert: Strawberry Shortcake on the yummiest bisuits ever. Here's the recipe for the super duper yummiest biscuits ever! I crave these! Luckily I have a generous neighbor who shares them with me :D

I'm so glad Brad is such a great dad and loves to do things with the kids. They really love it when he takes time to do things with them. We're very lucky that his family is his first priority.
The kids made some cute cards, but I can't find them right now... I'll have to post that tomorrow.

Samantha's Belated Birthday Party

Ever since Samantha's birthday our weekends have been totally booked, so Samantha finally got to have her friends over last Thursday night for her "party." They spent a lot of their time giggling and being silly. I think they had a good time.
You probably can't tell, but the cake has a bunch of musical notes. The girls were talking about what notes were on the cake and as I cut into a 16th note the girls said, "So what does that make it now?" and they all laughed as they joked that it was now a 32nd note. LOL!
I'm glad they are all self professed "band geeks" and really good girls :D

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yee Haa!

Friday night we decided to whoop it up at the Sisters' Rodeo for "family night" aka, 12 and under get in free. Dang that birthday of Samantha's! We've got to pay full price for her everywhere now!
One of the coolest things was that the parking attendants were all on horseback. Very cool!

It was a beautiful night, but it started getting too chilly for the kids around 9:30, which was fine since the rodeo was just about over. Next year we will have to be sure everyone has a bit heavier jacket, and pants.

The kids' favorite event was the barrel racing, but I didn't get any pictures of that, it was too dark by then.
Funny story- Ethan really wanted to enter the drawing for the new car, so we had to go down and do that. He is such a lucky kid, he's always certain his chances are good he is going to win. We even had to check out the trucks and cars and he had to climb in the minivan and test it out... in case we won. On the way out of the park he was concerned because they hadn't announced the winner yet, but I told him they wouldn't announce the winner until Sunday. A short time passed and then he asked me "Did you put our phone number on the card?" I said, "Yes, it was part on the entry form" To which he replied "I just wanted to make sure because we might be at church when they pick the winner" lol!