Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Super Quick Cali Update- sans photos

Sorry for the lack of photos, but Brad didn't upload the software on the laptop for the camera, and we don't have a card reader for it either. Any way...
I will be brief as it is late and I will share more when I have pics to share.
Last minute we decided to leave Friday night for a variety or reasons. We made it as far as Sacramento and arrived at Huntington Beach around 5pm on Saturday. We were able to meet up with Benji and Shawna and family to play on the beach for awhile and go out to dinner.
Sunday we went down to Newport and walked around and spent the afternoon back at Huntington beach.
Monday we settled into our new place, said goodbye to Benji and Shawna and family and spent the afternoon at Santa Monica pier.
Tuesday (today) we made it to Disney around 9:30 and stayed 'til 9. The weather was absolutely perfect! 72 degrees! While there are still a lot of people here, we haven't had to wait in line long. With the fast passes it is so easy to avoid the lines! All day I kept telling the kids that they are so spoiled!! I remember waiting literally hours to get into Star Tours (back in '85 when it was the newest attraction), and waiting in countless lines all day!
There are many stories to tell of today's adventures, but I just wanted you to know that fun was had by all and by the time everyone was done with supper at the hotel around 9:30, they were all dropping like flies!
I am the lone survivor of the days events.
Tomorrow we are going to tackle California Adventure.