Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ben & Jerry's vs. Baskin Robbins

So we mooched ice cream the last 2 days from Ben & Jerry's (free) and Baskin Robbins (31 cent kid cone) and Ben and Jerry's so TOTALLY wins! Hands down!
Luckily we didn't have a line at either place, but Ben and Jerry's gave us this huge cone
while our Baskin Robbins cone didn't even look this big and we had to pay for it!
Of course we enjoyed both and for the price we couldn't lose, but if you have to choose... Ben and Jerry's is the way to go.
Thanks to Benji for the heads up on the Baskin Robbins deal.
If you are near a Carvel check out their free Arctic Blender today (May 1st) from 4-6!

Yeah for free ice cream!!
Did you go get your freebie?