Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good Question

Ethan asked me a good question the other day as he was getting dressed: If no one sees your underwear why do they put pictures and stuff on them?
I really didn't have a good answer.
Do you??

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Why so long?

After saying... "I don't have time", "I'll have to book 3 weeks out, and I don't know what I'll be doing in 3 weeks", "I can't- we're going out of town", "I can't- we have company coming to town" etc, etc. You know how it goes. Last Friday I finally got my haircut! It was so embarassing... I hadn't had my hair cut since the beginning of December of last year!! It was looking pretty mangey. I even declined a lunch date with a girl friend because "I have a hair appointment" I NEVER thought I would be one of "those people."
I'm trying out this new look. Why did I wait so long?? So I have vowed to NEVER let this separation from my hair dresser to happen again!
How long do YOU wait between visits to the hairdresser?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Summer Days Drifting Away

Last week the kids ate their supper outside and were running around and screaming around the yard, then all of a sudden it got quiet. I looked outside to see this sweet scene. sweet... two siblings chatting quietly enjoying a warm Indian summer night until I realized...
They were really just lying quietly on the blanket to watch a show on Brad's ipod! LOL!
While not quite as sweet as the thought of them sharing a conversation it was still cute to watch them sharing a peaceful sibling moment.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Amphibian Adventures

We have been trying to make it up to Todd Lake since early July, when we couldn't get in because there was still snow and ended up at Sparks... remember that adventure?
We finally made it up there this Saturday and were richly rewarded with a BEAUTIFUL day with tonnes of tadpoles AND frogs. I couldn't believe there were so many tadpoles this late in the year, but considering there was still snow blocking access in July I suppose everything is late this year.
We were watching the Victor girls and everyone had fun foraging for the little guys

Ethan chose to bring home tadpoles, and Abby brought home frogs Brianna and Samantha were "too cool" to dig for frogs and just chatted by the lake
Check out the gazillion tadpoles in the video!!
Star had a great time too enjoying the lack of a leash law now that it is after Sept 15th!

Our cool crew
and YES... I came home with the dog this time!!