Saturday, December 01, 2007

They're here!

I am so excited that the Merry Mint Patties are finally here! I could sit and eat a whole box, I will eat them in a house, I will eat them with a mouse, I will eat them in a box, I will eat them with a fox, I love to eat them when they freeze, I will eat them when I please, I will eat them here or there... I will eat them anywhere.

If you haven't tried these you MUST! My sister manages to buy a bunch during the Christmas season when they are available and rations them accordingly throughout the year. Yeah right!! I have eaten all mine before Christmas and then they aren't available anymore! My sister has also made the fudge recipe on the box which she says is delicious, and I have intended to make the fudge every year, but the cookies keep disappearing!

What is your favorite seasonal treat?