Friday, January 22, 2010

Concerts galore

Concerts, concerts, and more concerts.
This is "Come Unto Christmas" put on my our Stake

I don't know how our school music teacher "gets away with it", but all of our kids Christmas concerts were Christian songs!! Imagine that! At Christmas time! Nice being "off the radar" sometimes.

Silent Night in German (sorta), English, and Spanish (sorta) :-)

This was a sing along at the High School (forgive my "singing along") with again... Christmas songs!

Goal driven...

Ethan decided one day that he really wanted to wear his socks for 4 days straight. He wouldn't even take them off at bed time. I really had to convince him that he HAD to take his socks off for his shower, but that was the only time!
He made a little chart in his room and everything where he checked off his "progress"On the night of day 3 even Ethan was a bit grossed out by the state of his socks and the grimeys between his toes, but he was determined to last the 4 whole days.
And he did it!!
Here he is with his "trophy socks"

Think they'll give him a boy scout badge for following through with his goal??

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let the festivities begin!!

We started our December fun on the 5th with the Bend Christmas parade.

Samantha got to wear this super sexy band uniform. Can you tell how excited she is?

Here she is. The flutes are at the back

It was a chilly day so the parade moved pretty quickly. In fact Samantha's band was at the beginning of the parade, and Elite was the 3rd to last entry, and Samantha was back from the parade route before we left!!

Abby and Ethan had a great time riding their scooters down the parade route with the Elite Fitness group. They didn't complain a single time the whole route! They were too busy showing off their scooter tricks... check'em out!

After the parade we met up with the Lewandowski's again for the great Christmas tree hunt.

Brad found "the perfect tree", but had to take one for the team trying to get the tree back to the van through all the brush and ended up twisting his knee. But, we did have one fine tree!!

Brett and Abby were working really hard

Brittany and Sam having a good time.
Sunday we got a nice big dump of snow to start our Christmas holiday off right :D Ethan and his "snow pillow"