Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Howlin' Good Time

Friday morning our family started our 5 hour road trip to Washington for our much anticipated trip

Once we were checked in at "The Great Wolf Lodge" we went straight for our room, put on our bathing suits and spent the next 3 hours in the water park
We were so tired and waterlogged after that we went to one of their on site restaurants for supper, where they served dinner in these cute buckets (isn't that such a cute idea? I think I may use it for a birthday party or something)The kids were so exhausted they went straight to bed and we all slept for NINE hours straight!!The BEST thing about the Great Wolf Lodge is that it is all about the kids. I especially love the "Kid's Kabin" the kids got to sleep in. They had a bunk bed and day bed in the little room with their OWN TV!! Could you imagine anything more exciting?Saturday morning we headed back to the water park for another 3.5 hours.
Abby and Ethan enjoyed some water wars

Look up!
Watch out!

My monkey boy!
He's a lean machine!
They had something for every age level. You can't see in the pictures I posted, but there are 2 medium water slides, 2 big waterslides with rafts, 2 waterslides for tubes, and a wave pool in addition to the pictures I took. I particularly loved the "Howlin' Tornado" it was like nothing I had ever been on before... and SO fun.
This trip totally wore us out (in a good way of course :D) We'd love to do it again some time and think it would be even more fun with friends... so who's up for going with us next year??

Monday, March 09, 2009

Sportsmen (in training)

Last Thursday our family decided it would be fun to go to the

and it did not disappoint.
We spent the first hour in a "Survival" lecture from Peter Kumerfeldt (his website is here.)
He had some awesome information and I bought a few of his super duper orange plastic bags. If he's ever in your area, I would go and/or check out his website.

After the survival lecture it was off to paint duck decoys Although I'm not quite sure what we're going to do with them now that they are done.
Then is was off to the trout pond
Abby was first to snag a fish and bring it in

You can tell from the look on her face what she thought of the fish :D
Elise caught a couple too, and decided to keep one.
(Samantha looks equally excited as Abby about the fish)
Then it was Ethan's turn to catch one

Sadly, Ethan's fish got away from him before he could land it. He had 2 more bites that came close to landing, but got away. He was so disappointed and upset.
Then finally....
and he throoughly enjoyed his catch!!
The whole 4 hours we were there was great, and we didn't even get to see and do a bunch of the stuff I wanted to. We will have to go earlier next year. It was such a blast!
Another highlight of our trip was getting a quail caller. Ethan has been practicing his "Che KEE ta's", so soon we will have to go out in the field and see if he can't attract a covey.