Thursday, March 04, 2010

Playin' hooky!

February 5th we pulled the little kids out of school (the big girls were off) and headed up to the mountains. As my mom would say "The mountains were calling."
We couldn't have ordered a more BEAUTIFUL day!! It was GORGEOUS!I skiied without gloves the whole day. The kids had their jackets opened and a few people on the slopes were skiing in short sleeve t-shirts!

Ethan has decided to stick with skiing for now. He told us he "likes the wind in his hair" when he skiis.
Brad's stickin' with the snowboard It was nice to have Brittany to ski with the big girls as well.
See what a beautiful day it was??

Days like this are the ones skiiers live for (at least this one!). GREAT day!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Artist's debut

Elise started taking saxophone lessons in September, and her school beginner band had their debut concert in February. While it is difficult to see Elise's face from my vantage point. She is the one in the pony tail with the blue elastic.
I have recorded a few pieces for you to enjoy.

Nice job Elise!!

Messing around with friends after the concert

Watch soon for her solo debut on March 6!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

January Wrap up

We rang in 2010 in a more quiet fashion this year. My dad made it down here just in time.

Somehow I don't have many pictures of my dad's visit, but we had a good time.

Here we are out to supper one night.

Samantha was invited to participate in another honor band. This group included the best players in Central Oregon. It was probably my favorite concert of Samantha's I have ever been to. It was nice music, entertaining and not too stuffy.

Way to go Samantha... another honor band!

January also means "Pinewood Derby" time. Ethan did a great job of cutting the wood all himself, even sustaining an injury. When he sliced his hand and saw all the blood he turned white as a sheet and told me "I feel dizzy," so we quickly sat him down to help him recover. It was a pretty good gash. He didn't use any power tools at all. It was all done with a saw, chisel and sandpaper. I was very impressed that he kept with it.

So, here it is. The completed car It was not very fast however :-(

Here they are waiting for their turn on the track. Ethan was a really good sport about his losses, and Brad has vowed to help a bit more next year and look into the fine art of Pinewood Derby car creation.

We recieved sad news in January of the sudden passing of Brad's uncle, Gary from a heart attack. Sharon and Gary were able to come out and visit us a couple years ago, and the kids always described him as "the uncle with Peanut." Peanut is Gary's beloved dog, and it appropriate that they included this photo on the program for his memorial service.

Gary and Sharon lived in Boise, which is driveable from Bend, so Brad's mom flew in to Bend, and they were able to go to the funeral and spend some time with family, which was nice for them.
Here is a nice picture of a bunch of the cousins together at the funeral

Near the end of January, Samantha and Elise each brought a friend and I took them to the "Hairspray Sing-a-long" at the Tower Theatre down town.
What a fun night and a great idea!!
What's more fun that going to a musical an the theatre and getting to sing along?
I was SO FUN!
Well that about wraps up January. Now to catch up on February!