Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The end of the school year!!

The end of the school year brings many fun festivities. One of these was Samantha's final middle school band concert. Samantha did an excellent job- as always, and even has a solo in one of the pieces.

Samantha also had an end of the school year/ end of middle school dance. Her FIRST real dance!! :D
The theme was Hollywood, so she really glammed it up with the diamonds and the up-do.She looked very pretty for her big night out! Abby's class again had a special year end event for the parents to enjoy.
I hope you can hear over all the background noise.

Here she is with her teacher Ms. Sanchez on the last day of school.

Also at the end of the school year the kids had crazy hair day.

So, Ethan of course had a great idea: (I think he looks a lot like me in these pictures)
Another year of school finished! It has gone by so quickly. Hard to believe the kids have complete 2 years of school here already!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Obsidian Flow/Paulina Falls: May 30

While Benji, Shawna and the kids were here we also had the chance to go up to Paulina Falls.
The kids in all their personality!
The obsidian flow was really cool to see as well
Elise with a big chunk of obsidian

But I think the best time of all was had by Star :D

More cousin fun

Benji, Shawna and the kids stuck around a bit longer after our coast trip and we had some more fun. Brad took Abby out to Sunriver where they were staying for a fun dip in the pool.
Aren't they bathin' beauties?

We also had a fun cook-out at our favorite stop
so sweet
Tell me you're not jealous of that perfect roast!!

Good times!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bryan's Coast Trip: Day 4- May 27th

Sadly, all good things must come to an end... and we had to head back home. But, not before another trip to hike up the sand dunes. Samantha was our photographer on Wednesday since SHE got the stomach virus Tuesday night :(

Here we are for a last trip up the dunes

On our way home we stopped for a little hike. It was very interesting as the area was very tropical. We even found some critters (of course)

That rock in the distance out in the water is "haystack rock" where we stayed.

We also stopped at the dam at Detroit Lake

It was a GREAT, FABULOUS, RELAXING vacation (except for the sickies)
Even though the kids were sick, they were real troopers and kept up and had a good time.
Thanks to Benji, Shawna and kids for coming out and making this happen. I know we wouldn't have done it without you, and can't wait to do it again!!

Bryan's Coast Trip Day 3-May 26

Sadly, Abby came down with Ethan's stomach virus on Tuesday, so she missed the trip to the tidepools. They were just down the beach a ways, so everyone (but Abby and I) had a morning walk down the beach to investigate the tide pools.
Here is Ethan and his shadow
It was so cute to watch Theron idolizing Ethan and thinking he was the coolest thing
Ethan didn't seem to mind at all :D
Looking for critters
We decided to take it a little easy and just have a beach day.
Ok, so our sandcastle won't exactly win any sand castle competitions... maybe an "E" for effort?
It was a great beach day!
It was a beautiful night too!

MUCH better than Sunday's fire on the beach! It was a perfect evening!!
We had a fire on the beach every night we were there, but Tuesday night was THE BEST!