Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David v. David

Who are YOU cheering for?
So, after last night Archuleta is clearly the best singer. Cook lacked heart, I thought. I think the best outcome for everyone involved would be for Archuleta to win. Archuleta needs the backing and Cook needs the freedom to do what he wants without having to put out a recording that AI wants him to. I read somewhere that they are both guaranteed a contract, so really they both win. Archuleta clearly needs a choreographer and a fashion consultant. What was with that lame sailor/anchor jacket (and all the lame Tshirts through out the season)? Cook on the other hand already has the moves and the personality to be a star, so he will do just fine on his own.
Did you enjoy the finale?
Who are you cheering for and why?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tiny Abby

In preparation for our trip to Disney I have been researching on the internet to be sure we make the most of our trip. In doing so I found that for Abby to be able to go on some of the "cooler" rides she would need to be 40 inches, and I have heard they are sticklers about height. I quickly had her stand up against the wall. Dang! Just over 39. So today we set out to get her some shoes with a nice thick heel in them and here they are.

The moment of truth...

Yeah! She made it!

Also to get ready for our trip we needed to get some summer clothes for the kids. Isn't this sad? These are the shorts I got for Abby. She's going into Kindergarten in the fall and wearing 2T shorts!

Hodge Podge

It's hard to believe its been a week since I've posted. The days are going by quickly lately. So I have a quick hodge podge for you.

Last Thursday we had a cake decorating class for our Enrichment group "Good Eats" which got a terrific turn out. We had 19 ladies show up, we learned how to decorate with fondant. It was really fun to learn and while my little cake was pathetic and lacked any creativity the other girls turned their extra large cupcakes into masterpieces. One gal turned hers into a little hat, another made lady bug, others were just cute with delicate looking flowers on top. Mine... well, it consisted of some flowers cut out with a cutter and slapped on top. a la playdoh style. My sweet visiting teacher was telling me how nice it was and trying to make positive comments about my little cake, but really... it was severly lacking (no that is not a picture of my cupcake up there). I did enjoy it though and hopefully we can have her teach another class in the fall and learn some more tricks. So to all you enrichment leaders out there... this was a winner!Friday I volunteered with Ethan's class to go to the High Desert Museum. It was a fun day. I always think it is fun watching your kids in their school setting with their friends and quietly observe how they act. Ethan is always very witty and a tease, always looking for a laugh. Ethan spent a good part of his day checking out beetles, bugs and snakes that were crawling around. He found some HUGE ones too. We got to see the only Northern Spotted Owls bred in captivity as well.
Friday night we went to a restaurant called "38 Degrees". We drive by it every week several times as it is on our way to church and have always wanted to check it out. Since Friday was our YW fundraiser "Parent's Night Out" we decided to try it. It was OK. It is really more of a wine bar serving a bit of Mediterranean fare. I'm in no hurry to go back.

Saturday I spent sitting for 3 hours in a van to Portland to go to the temple. Spent 3 hours sitting at the temple. Made a quick trip to Deseret Book store, and blew a WAD O' DOUGH! It's like being in a candy store when you're not used to being able to go to an LDS bookstore. Now I know why when I was a teenager and we would go down to Provo or SLC why our trip always included a trip to Deseret book and we would leave my mom in there for a few hours. There's so much to see! After the book store we went to a restaurant and sat for an hour and than sat for another 3 hours for the trip home from Portland. I have never been so exhausted from SITTING all day!!
Sunday evening we went out of town a littl ways with friends for S'mores. It was a little 10 minute drive to this lovely spot by the river where the kids could run around and drive away the folks at the picnic table next to ours... sorry folks. And only one kid fell in the river (no it wasn't mine :D) I wish I had remembered to take pictures. The kids were all so cute, and absolutely filthy when we got home. I love being able to be able to just run out and have an impromtu adventure so close to home.

Now is the big countdown and getting ready for Disneyland... 4 more sleeps!