Saturday, December 20, 2008

Watch out MOTAB

This week the kids have had their school Christmas concerts, so I have chosen a few selections to share with you.

Ethan can't help but ham it up a little...

Elise takes her music more seriously

I thought this sounded pretty. I hadn't heard it before.

A, so Adorable

Watch out Ricky Martin. The boy in the back row is going to give you a run for your money!

It was nice that all the kids at some point actually sang a "Christmas" song

Tree Trimming

I just realized that I never showed you what became of our tree.
When we got home I couldn't believe how tall it was. It looked so puny next to those ponderosa pines!

We're pretty happy with our find. Cutting a tree from the forest looks nothing like one "cut down" from a tree farm or picked up from a tree lot.
It's not perfectly shaped, but perfect for us :D
I love just sitting in the living room by the glow of the Christmas tree lights. It's so peaceful.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Come Unto Christmas

Last weekend our Stake held their annual "Come Unto Christmas" which involved two evenings where they lay out many different creche displays with Christmas music performed by local choirs and musicians from both the church and community.
Brad and Samantha were part of the Stake choir that performed 3 times each evening. Unfortunately I only got one video as the camera died after this one, but you get the idea. They sounded really nice.