Thursday, April 01, 2010

Going once, going twice... sold!

You just won this MONSTROUS volcano cake at the Blue and Gold Banquet/ Cake auction!!
This is the cake the kids decided they wanted and Oh Boy! was it a load of sugar! Even the kids thought it was too much. I know it took 3 cake mixes and is covered in marshmallow!
This is one of the cakes we took to the event
This is the other... It isn't pretty, but we hid a bunch of $$ in it, so that make up for it!
Here were some other cute ideas
This one is cupcakes with piped frosting, ferroro rocher for meatballs and strawberry topping.
I can't quite remember how the toppings were done on this one. Mostly colored frosting and licorice bits. You'll have to double click on the picture to get a better look.
They raised all the funds they needed for cub scout day camp and went home all sugared up (because we all know that, that is just what a group of boy scouts need!)

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Christie said...

Your troops cakes kicked our troops cakes' butt! Ours SUCKED