Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bear Crawl for Charity

On May 9th the gym I attend is having a fund raiser for "Partnership To End Poverty" (a local non-profit) by bear crawling the mile long trail up Pilot Butte.
I am excited to participate in this event as bear crawls were an exercise that initially, literally terrified me when I started bootcamp. Every time they asked us to bear crawl across the gym my heart started racing and I didn't think I could do it.

Last Wednesday, however a couple friends and I bear crawled 1/2 way up the butte before we ran out of time. I am sure by May 9th we will be cruising as we crawl up the Butte.What is a bear crawl? Here is a video of someone doing a bear crawl

Let me know if you can support me with $1, $5 or more. Checks can be made out to "Partnership to end Poverty"
I also have a Paypal account if it is easier for you to send it that way.
Thanks for your support!