Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tuesday- Disneyland- Day 5

Tuesday we started our Disney adventure by starting in Disneyland. I picked up Space Mountain fast passes and the machine spit out 2 for everyone instead of 1 each. Yeah! While waiting for space mountain we took a spin at "Autotopia"

Space mountain scared Abby to death! I sat next to her and she screamed like she was being tortured the whole time. She told me "I'm not really old enough to go on that ride, it's just 'cause I have tall shoes" :D. Since I had the extra fast passes and Abby didn't want to go again the other kids got to go on space mountain 3 times in 45 min!

Ethan was totally psyched about getting character's autographs, but unfortunately our pen didn't work, but we still got a cool pic.

Abby liked Splash Mountain the first time around, but we couldn't really see her in the picture.

So the next time around she sat closer to the front and got really freaked out. At the end of the ride she kept crying "I can't do another one.. I can't do another one" (refering to the big drops). Then when we got to the end to see the picture we still couldn't see her and she said to me "Sorry mom!"

We went to the Jedi training show, which was really cool. We really wanted Ethan to do it, but he wouldn't. He told us "I don't want to have to do what they tell me to do. I want to really fight him (Darth Vader)"
Ethan's spending money was burning a hole in his pocket. He wanted to go shopping from moment we entered the park. He kept wanting to stop in every store and spend his money. Finally we told him he had to wait a couple days until he'd seen all the possibilities to try and curb his shopping.
The kids and BRAD loved the Buzz Lightyear Ride and since there wasn't hardly ever a line we went on 3 times!!
We walked right on to Star Tours (NOTHING like the line I stood in 20 years ago) I thought I might be disappointed all these years later, but I have to say... It's still pretty cool!

We had to stop for a churro break. One of the things I remembered loving last time I went to Disney and ... they were still great too!
Abby really wanted to go on the "Finding Nemo" ride, but the line was so long, I told her we would come back later in the evening when more of the little kids had gone home to bed, so the line would be shorter. Then as the day started getting later out of the blue Abby said to me "When are the babies going to go to sleep?" at first I didn't make the connection, but had to chuckle when I realized what she was getting at.

We got on a ton of rides and really maxed out the riding and minimized the waiting. It was a great day, perfect temperature too!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

p.s. on our trip to Santa Monica

I forgot, until I saw Abby's scab on her back tonight... but we did have other "excitement" on our trip to the pier. As we were trying to get to the beach we had to go across the bike path. The bike path was crazy busy. We thought there was a walking side and a biking side. When we realized the bikes were going both ways we told the kids to hurry, but Abby was a bit behind. A man was approaching ringing his bell and Abby stopped to try and avoid him and as he tried to avoid her they collided. Poor Abby got ran over by the bike as the man toppled off his bike. He was very nice though and was very concerned for Abby. We were glad she at least got ran over by the man with the "Jesus Saves" plaque on his bike, not by the jerk who yelled at us to get off the path while we were trying to make sure everyone was OK.

Congratulations Samantha

Last night was Samantha's last band concert of the year which was very enjoyable. It is fun to hear the kids getting better. Best of all however was that Samantha recieved 2 certificates of achievement! The 40 kids in her band class all voted for 3 categories, Most Improved, Most Inspirational, and Most Valuable Player. 4 were chosen for most improved, Samantha was chosen as one of 3 who were "Most Inspirational" and Samantha and her friend Kaylee were voted "Most Valuable Player"!!! Her band teacher mentioned that this was the first time 2 7th graders were chosen as most valuable player, as the band consists of 6-8th graders. We are very proud of her, especially since this accolade comes from her peers! Way to go Samantha!

Here she is in her Batman costume for a bit they did of superhero tunes

Monday, June 02, 2008

Early Departure- Day 1

Although we had planned to leave Saturday morning, late Friday afternoon we decided instead to break up the drive and leave around 6pm and drive half way to Sacramento. By leaving earlier we would get to see Benji and Shawna by late afternoon Saturday, and have all day Sunday together rather than just Sunday afternoon.
After our 7 hour drive we arrived in Sacramento around 1:30am.

Abby and Ethan "got to" share this cot.

On the road again... to the beach- Day 2

Here's the happy crew at the beginning of day 2

Another 7 hour drive ahead of us.

We arrived at the condo Benji and Shawna were staying at on Huntington Beach around 5pm. The kids were really anxious to go down to the beach. The air was cool, but the water was actually pretty warm. It is always fun to see the kids get together. I always think it is interesting how it is as if no time has passed between cousins when they get together.

Abby and Theron had a fun time playing in the water.

Until Abby took a tumble in the water. Luckily Sydney had some dry clothes that fit Abby since we already left our suitcases at the hotel.Theron was Ethan's shadow... not always a good thing since Ethan can we a little wild and crazy.
After the beach we went to dinner together at the Promenade at Huntington Beach. There were a bunch of people there and a lot of police presence. There were some scary looking people too. Samantha decided that living in a smaller town like Bend isn't so bad after all.

Beach bummin'- Day 3

We met up with Benji and Shawna in the morning and went to Newport and took this little ferry over to Balboa island.

This seal was just hanging out on someone's boat.

We had to have one of the Balboa Island signature chocolate coated frozen bananas
Too cool!
When we got back from Newport we headed back down to the beach again. That is the condo Benji and Shawna were staying in behind us. Everyone got in the water but me. The air was too cold for me. Samantha and Brad even got in a little boogie boarding.

Ethan had a good time flying Benji's kite on the beach.

Santa Monica Pier- Day 4

Monday morning we got settled into our Residence Inn and bought some groceries and said goodbye to Benji and Shawna and the kids. Then we headed out to Santa Monica Pier. This is the road after the traffic jam. The mass of humanity in LA was not inviting.

Red Hot Lovers

At the pier the kids took a spin on the carousel and Brad and I took the "Love Tester" test.

Ha Ha! Brad only scored a "MILD" lover.

My turn.....

YIKES! Poor fish- Try again????

Muscle Beach

The kids tested their skills at Muscle Beach

On the pier