Friday, January 11, 2008

Flashback Friday- March '92

So I thought I would steal an idea my sister told me about: "Flash Back Friday" So, I decided to post for you today a personal flashback to March 14, 1992. Brad and I's first date, taken from excerpts from my journal.
"My date for tonight was of course Brad Bryan. Wow! What a guy! What a date! What a babe! What a great time.
We first went rollerskating. It was really a lot of fun since we both kinda stunk. The couple skates were really neat, it was so wonderful holding his hand! Whenever we thought we were gonna fall and recover we'd raise our hands over our heads triumphantly- it was so great!
We talked about a lot of stuff! I found out he speaks Spanish, went to Puerto Rico on his mission, is 22, likes B-ball and camping, plays guitar and is extremely funny!... Brad and I also got in kindof a water fight tonight. It was so fun!- Wow! I can't remember the last time I had this much fun. Anyway, when we were saying our good nights tonight we said good bye, then I ran inside and got some water and got him back- I ran away real fast and he chased me and ended up catching me... then he said "I'm not going to let you go, I'm a very possesive date" I was thinking "Hmm, that's alright with me" He's so funny! It was a lot of fun!
And so our story began... (Thank you to Becky who set us up on this date :D)
This is a picture of us at Homecoming in '92

What were we listening to on the radio?
10Missing You NowMichael Bolton
9I Can't DanceGenesis
8I Love Your Smile-Shanice
7I'm Too Sexy-Right Said Fred
6Good For Me-Amy Grant
5Masterpiece-Atlantic Starr
4Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton
3Save The Best For Last-Vanessa Williams
2Remember The Time-Michael Jackson
1To Be With You (1st week at #1)-Mr. Big

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Forget "Deceptively Delicious" we are Devilishly Delightful

So... since my entrance into the blogosphere, I have come across some pretty cool stuff. One site I love to visit is She posts recipes that are all relatively easy to make and with ingredients you already have in the pantry, or will easily find in your grocery store. So today we threw away the bathroom scale and enjoyed a couple of her recipes.

Here's a link to her Marlboro Man sandwich. We had this for lunch today. It was soooo easy and sooooooo good. I loved it, and so did the family!

Since we were on a roll (literally), I have been dying to make her French Breakfast Puffs since I saw her post in mid December. They are divine!! The family loved them, and the little ones even helped make their own!! They reminded me of "Those Little Donuts" you buy at the fair. Mmmmm.

Here they are enjoying the Breakfast Puffs Mmmm!

Actually my best reaction was from Ryan (our neighbour)Thanks for humoring me:)

I'm excited to try some of her other stuff too. I will let you know.

I highly suggest either of these recipes, especially on a cold icy day like we had Sunday!

Do you have a favorite recipe website?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Snow much fun!

After getting about 6 inches of snow over less than 24 hours the kids had a great time coming home from school and playing in it. At times there were close to white out conditions as you can see from my pic of Ethan

In the beginning there was one snowman
And then there were 2
... and then there were 4!

Abby insisted that she make her own snowman by herself and wouldn't let anyone help her. Infact I got in HUGE trouble when I tried. Her snowman is actually a snowgirl, and she is 3 years old.

If it works, I put another video on the Video bar of Abby starting to make the first snowman.

What's the weather like where you are?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Let's Get Organized Swap with Stephmodo

Here is such a cute idea, I just had to share!

From Stephmodo's blog

"Swapping was so much fun last time, let's do this again. It's the New Year and getting organized is a popular resolution. It's easy to understand is so much better (not to mention "easier" and "simpler") when we are trying to be organized. I'm constantly amazed at the information I come by on the "blogosphere". There is much talent to be shared and many a tip to be passed along. So let's do just that...let's get organized!Sounds perfect!

If you're interested in further details, read here. Please note that the signup deadline is Wednesday, January 16th.

Monday, January 07, 2008


I just figured out how to add the videos to the video bar, so you will find a couple more quick videos there of Ethan and a better video of Abby skiing.
I figure out this "blogspot" thing soon (I hope)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

We do "Hoodoo"

Friday we took the day to go skiing at Hoodoo, about 50 min. from Bend. The weather started out questionable, but by 11am things were great. We put the girls in 1/2 day ski lessons, and Ethan and Brad took 1/2 day snowboard lessons. We then spent the rest of the afternoon "practicing." I was SURE one of my kids would be whining and/or bawling by the end of the day, but everyone did great. Here we are just after lunch, ready to head out again.

I spent the afternoon with Abby. It terrified me everytime we got on the chair lift! As you can imagine she does not have a very long thigh, or big tush to sit on the seat, and skis that weighed almost as much as she does! I was constantly worried she was going to fall off. The instructor suggested the "wormy" (edgey wedgey) to help her ski, which worked GREAT, when she wasn't obsessed about it getting tangled! I highly suggest "wormy" Check out the little clip of her skiing.

Samantha spent the afternoon perfecting her skills with my dad, and we hardly saw Elise as she scooted up and down the slope without incident. Check out her video-

Ethan "schooled" Brad on the snowboard and left him behind in a spray of powder.

We are so glad we went and so excited it is so close. The kids want to know when we will go again. Hopefully the end of the month when Brad has another day off!

And the tracking winner is....

SueLynn!!! (hsjacobus) Yeah!! She was the closest.
Footprint A was a deer, and footprint B was a cat.
I know... pretty boring. We did see a cougar print and rabbit prints as well, but those were harder to distinguish as the prints weren't as clear.
Did you know that if the print has claws on it, it is most likely not feline, as feline's retract their claws. There are other things as well, but I won't bore you further.
Way to go SueLynn!