Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3-2-1 Blast-off!! May 16

After taking the "short cut" to Prineville, which ended up taking 2 hours instead of an hour, we finally arrived at the resevoir for the "Star Party." They had a few solar telescopes to look in that were pretty cool, but we had missed a couple of the presentations we had hoped to see, since we were so late :-( We had to wait around awhile for the rocket building event, so the kids played around in the resevoir for awhile.

Then came the rocket building! The program was put on by a guy from NASA, so that was pretty cool.

I love Abby's goofy face in this picture

Building the rocket and LOTS of tape

Now it's time to test out the rockets...
This was seriously SO fun! I want to make one of these at home! We stayed for quite a while watching all the kids launch their rockets. So fun!

We didn't stay for the actual "Star Party" since it would have had us out really late. We opted instead to go to the "Tastee Treet". Everytime we have driven through Prineville I have wanted to stop here and grab a bite to eat. It was the cutest diner run by high school kids... just what I expected. So fun!
The food wasn't bad either :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mother's Day Tea- May 9

Abby's kindergarten class put on a "Mother's Day Tea" and it was really cute! The kids had made little stories and art work for their moms. The children sang a few songs, had refreshments and were reallly all just in heaven having their mothers with them. It is so fun to see them so thrilled to have you there and show off just a little :D

For Mother's day I got some cards from the kids, a garden hat, a new outfit, didnt' have to worry about dinner and I got my one wish: to watch a Red Sox game from start to finish without interuption (for the most part). The Sox even put up a win for me against Tampa Bay. A very relaxing mother's day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Portland Temple Trip- April 24

After our trip to the tulip farm we went to our "Residence Inn" for the night. It was THE coolest hotel EVER!! We can't wait to go back. It had a loft with it's own bathroom and TV upstairs! We all loved it!

Trader Joe's was just down the street, so we got some yummy eats and just chilled out.On Saturday, April 24th we met with the other ward members at the temple. It was SO beautiful. The grounds were absolutely amazing!
Samantha was able to perform baptisms for 10 members of our family and Brad and I were also able to do family work, which made the day even more special.

Thanks to the Primary workers and volunteers, we were able to attend the temple together while they watched the children at the nearby meeting house.
Here are the primary children that were able to make it.

It was a really nice day to be able to attend the temple together and have so many in our ward family there with us.

So much to catch up on...

I've got a LOT to catch up on. This going to bed early to get up early has really been cramping my style. We've also been busy on weekends, so I haven't had chance to do much then either. I've got to get caught up this week! Here we go.....