Saturday, December 13, 2008

Briar Rose is in the house!!

Thursday night was Samantha's acting debut!
She did such a great job. I can't imagine ever getting up in front of all those people and remembering my lines, etc. A lot of hard work went into the play. They have been practicing for 2 hours after school 3 times/week since the end of September. The play was an adaptation of Sleeping Beauty. Samantha did a great job playing Briar Rose.
Bravo Samantha!!!

Briar Rose getting her groove on

She is awakened by her prince

Here is Samantha's posse who came out to support her at her performance.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jazzy Christmas

Tuesday we had the pleasure of going to the middle schoool Christmas concert.

The evening started with a few selections from the band.

Samantha, as always did a great job and made us proud.

We then got to hear some jazzed up Christmas music. Samantha is really making a lot of great progress on her trombone!

This is Kaylee, Samantha's best friend. She did an great job on the Sax, with some great back up by our own Sam

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twilight Before Christmas

Ok, this was too funny not to post.
Thanks to Christie for hooking me up with this one.
If you've seen/read Twilight you have to watch!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Linus Project

A couple weeks before Thanksgiving I found these fleece blankets on sale at Albertson's for $3. "What a great project for 10 days off school" I thought. To help beat the "I'm bored I think I'll go fight with my sibling" urges.

It proved to be a good project for them and kept them busy without much complaining.
Even Abby cut her own fleece, although I had to tie it

Now they each have their own distinct blanket. No more pulling their bedspreads off the bed and leaving them in the bonus room, and no denying the blanket is theirs, or fighting for a blanket (one can dream can't they?)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The hunt

The pack sets out together led by the alpha male "Big John" to find their prey
The females in the pride stick together while the males search alone
A-ha! The perfect specimen is spotted!!
The male tells one of his young to stand guard to be sure no others in the pack steal his prey.
The young one stands sentinel, and does not leave until the male tells her she may
The kill
Young ones help the male carry the kill back to where they will take it home to enjoy The pack celebrates the capture of 4 trees. It has been a fruitful day.
After the hunt the pack returns home to eat. Then for some yet undermined reason the alpha male causes the young to start frothing at the mouth, which the young seem to find delightful :D