Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gettin' the boot

No, I haven't died. I joined a local gym's "Bootcamp" and it is pretty intensive. The class itself is only 2 mornings a week for an hour, but there are exercises and stretches we have to do every day at home, tracking calories, food logs, group hikes, homework articles to read and report on as well as mandatory get togethers, so that we get to know each other and become a support to one another. This has taken up most of my free time (especially in the evenings) and since I am up early to be at the gym for 5:15, I've been going to bed earlier too. Not too much time to blog. But I have stuff to share, so stay tuned. I'll hopefully get some of the fun stuff up next week (since Benji and Shawna are visiting this weekend I doubt much will get done this weekend either)

This is our fearless leader Matt and he is a great motivator and totally makes the workouts fun and is a great support, and won't let you "Fight for your right to suck." I have promised to "surrender to the process" even though it is hard. I will keep you posted on how it's going. This beginner bootcamp lasts 4 weeks, then there is a bit of a break followed by 6 weeks of "advanced bootcamp" (if I graduate :D)