Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness In Oregon

I heard about this on the radio and thought it was so funny.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mapping the world with Ethan

For at least a year now Ethan has had this strange obsession with all things Chinese. He knows where it is on a map of the world, he is constantly recognizing when things are made in China etc. This little masterpiece came home from school the other day. I got a good chuckle, thought you might too.

Ethan also saw Samantha doing a project for social studies where she had to create a map of her Roman city. Ethan was "inspired" I guess and created his own city. I was mighty impressed. Check out all the cool "fun centers" and the "cool place"!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ethan's St. Patricks Day hat

Ethan and Elise need to leave for school around 8:40. Around 8:30 when I saw that Ethan had neglected to put on a green shirt for St. Patricks day I informed him that it was St. Patricks and that he needed to wear a green shirt to school today. Ethan excitedly ran up the stairs and quickly slipped into a green shirt and started cutting up paper into strips on the kitchen table. I was trying to get the kids' lunch bags and get them squared away with all their necessities for school and repeatedly asked Ethan to stop what he was doing and get ready for school. "Just a minute, just a minute!" Ethan replied as he busily smeared glue stick all over his strips of paper. "Come on Ethan, it's getting late now, you have to get going... Where are your shoes? and what are you doing?" "I'm making a St. Patricks day hat" he explains, then solicites Elise's help to put the top on his hat while he finds his shoes, as I found some tape to stick the top of the hat on. It was very important to him that he have his St. Patricks hat ready to wear to school. He was very proud of it. So, I now present to you my son's "St. Patricks Day Hat"

Doesn't it scream St. Patricks Day to you?
I asked him what the kids at school thought about his cool hat and he told me, "They just all thought it looked like a chef's hat."
Ethan, you're one cool cat.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Poor Puppy

Last Thursday we had our poor puppy spayed. and her teeth cleaned. It was so sad. She came home totally out of it, and she could hardly move. Nothing like our usual bouncy puppy. She was moaning, just laying there breathing.

Elise felt so bad for Star she decided to read her some books to make her feel better. She read to the dog for about 20 minutes! Surprisingly Star seemed to like it. I tried to get a video of her reading, but got caught rather quickly, but here it is.

Star is feeling much better now. Yeah! She's supposed to take it easy for another week though.


In case you haven't heard I thought I'd let you in on a new website called
Hulu is an online video on demand service. They describe themselves as follows:
"... the web's most comprehensive selection from more than 50 content providers including FOX, NBC, MGM, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, and more to deliver premium programming across all genres and formats, television shows, feature films, and clips. Watch full-length episodes of current primetime TV shows such as The Simpsons and The Office the morning after they air, classics like Miami Vice and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and clips from Saturday Night Live, Nip/Tuck, and others. Hulu also offers full-length feature films like The Usual Suspects, Ice Age, Three Amigos!, and The Big Lebowski as well as clips from films such as Napoleon Dynamite, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Devil Wears Prada and many more. Hulu is free and ad-supported — available anytime in the U.S. "

I thought it was fun to see they had full episodes of old favorites like "WKRP", "A Team", "The Pretender" etc., as well as some new programming as well. If you are a Nick Lachey fan you can watch and relive "Clash of the Choirs" clips. Each episode begins with a 30 second commercial. Half way through a 1/2 hour program is a 10 sec. ad and another ad at the end.

The movie pickings are a little slim, but I presume they will be adding more as time goes on and if they find success. Does anyone out there know what there future plans are for this "service"?
For now there are a bunch of B movies, a couple of childrens shows as well as some classic clips from some of your favorite films. This is one I enjoyed seeing again

Warning! This site is rather addictive. Enter with a time limit or you may find yourself watching all 25 episodes of "Mary Tyler Moore"