Saturday, August 08, 2009

Myles and Brenda Part 1-June 23,24,25

We were SO EXCITED to have Brenda and Myles visit us this year!! They arrived on June 23rd and we got them on the run right away with a trip to the Bend Elks baseball game.

Myles was a real trooper staying up as long as he did especially since they had been up since 4:30am Eastern time!!
Wednesday was "Paulina Plunge" day.
We stopped at the first waterfall and had lunch
Here's the gang at the second waterfall
and taking a dip in the pool at the base of the 3rd waterfall
Myles was fearless on the rock slide.
He just couldn't get enough

The last set of waterfalls at McKay Crossing campground
We would have liked to have stayed longer, but had to get home and pick up Brad

Paulina Plunge hike: Success!!

Myles and Brenda Part 2- 26, 27,28, 29

Thursday Brenda didn't feel so hot, so we just made a little trip up to Scout lake where this cute little guy camped out by us to see what he could get.
The lake was amazingly warm for June. As you waded around you could feel hot spots where springs were feeding in to it.

There were a bunch of floating logs for the kids to play on.
Very nice little quick get away.
Saturday we went out to the Metolius Preserve for their kids nature walk.
We saw a lot of interesting things
and got to try and get food out of bark like the birds do
and disect owl pellets
Check out those small rodent skeltons
There were a tonne of butterflies out as well
Sunday we took them out to Tumalo Falls
Here Ethan and Myles had thrown a bunch of stuff in Abby's hair, so they had to help her get it out. So much fun to have someone else to torture... with!
We had to go out to Meadow Camp again for a cook out too
It was all over so quickly!! I think Monday we floated the river and then it was time for them to leave :-(
We are so glad they came out and had a super fun time with us!!
Thanks for coming guys! We miss you!!

Oh What do you do in the summer time?

Do you swim in a pool to keep yourself cool?
It was great to see the Victors and hang out with them a bit once school was out
Sun bathin' mommas
Do you make tents in the backyard?
Or roll your siblings around in the recycling cart??
The kids had a total BLAST doing this on a couple different days.
It cracks me up!

Or do you play mini golf?

Summer is SO fun!! I love it!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Wychus Creek/Alder Springs- June 15

One of Brad's colleagues told us about this cool hike down to Wychus Creek (once called Squaw Creek, but that isn't allowed anymore) and Alder Springs.
It is a spring at the bottom of a very dry canyon, so it is like a little oasis in the desert.
There were some cool formations on our way down
Star was going nuts digging her nose in a bush and when we pulled her away this is what we found- Ethan and Abby at the head of Alder Springs.
Since Star is not a swimmer Brad carried her across the
creekEthan loved fording the creek, back and forth holding on to the rope, until one time he slipped...
It was pretty scary because he was caught by his neck on the rope while his body was being pulled down stream and he couldn't get his legs underneath him to stand up.
Luckily Brad was close by and with some quick thinking was able to rescue Ethan.
After the scary experience.... he only suffered a mild rope burn on his neck
His sisters were so relieved when it was all over
Beautiful day though and a very nice hike.
Alder Springs
Alder Springs is close to being an all-season hike, and it is one of the Sisters Country’s most rewarding. At about six miles round trip it’s rated “most difficult” due to a steep return trip out of the canyon and some rough, rock-strewn spots in the trail.
Wildflowers abound in the early- to midsummer months. Be prepared to cross Whychus Creek. Water shoes and a small towel are a good idea and many hikers use a walking stick or a pair of ski poles to retain balance in the swift-moving water.
To get there, take Highway 126 east from Sisters about 6 miles to Holmes Road. Turn left and stay on Holmes Road for about 7 miles, and turn left again onto Road 6360. Watch for cattle in the road after the cattle guard at the top of the hill. Stay on the gravel road for a little more than 3 miles to a right onto Road 6370. The road ends at the trailhead after another half mile.

Sister's Rodeo- June 12

We headed out to the Sisters' Rodeo again this year. We weren't sure how it was going to go since it had been wet all day, but in the end it was a nice evening and warmer than last year.
Something exciting is going on here. Abby's favorite by far is the barrel racing.
(fat free and sugar free ofcourse!)
Brad caught this Tshirt that was thrown out into the crowd.
Yahoo!! Pretty exciting!