Saturday, April 12, 2008

Greeting from the Luau

Last night our ward had a Luau activity. We had someone teach a little Hula dance and the food was awesome!

(p.s. in case you're wondering; our ward borrowed the lobsters from Trader Joe's)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Abby's swim lessons

I've been meaning to post these for some time. Abby finished off her swimming lessons recently and passed again. She had the cutest, "funnest" teacher eva! In order to pass she had to swim 1/2 the length of the "big pool." It scared me to death. I am so glad her teacher was in there because I would have rescued her way before she had the chance to make it. I didn't think she would pass so I didn't register her for the next level for the next session, and by the time he told me she would pass it was too late, so we're taking a break from swim lessons for awhile.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Samantha's band concert was last night. It is nice that the kids are getting good enough that is is quite enjoyable. I am so proud of Samantha as she has done really well with her flute especially since she only ever had about 5 months of formal lessons. Here is a clip of a duet she performed with her friend Katie last night at the concert, but it was actually practiced to be performed at a "workshop" in Redmond. She is a little embarassed of this performance as it is not perfect, but I think it's pretty dang good.

Bad taste in my mouth after Hell's Kitchen

So, since I have been watching the same shows since like... forever, I thought I would give a couple "new" ones a chance last night. Actually the remote was downstairs and I didn't want to have to go and get it to change the channel, so after AI was the show "Hell's Kitchen". I really was curious though to see what all the hype was about.
Yuck! The show consisted of people yelling and swearing at me for an hour! I do NOT recommend this show. Sorry if you like it. And how do these people... "chefs" send out undercooked chicken? I haven't ever even had that happen to me at a fast food restaurant!
After Hell's Kitchen I watched "Bones." The promo was cute, a little animosity between two co-workes, kinda CSIish... SO DUMB!! The lines were so canned and the glimpse into the future of ridiculous technologies, trying so hard to be cool... never again.
After spending 2 hours watching lame shows I had to make myself feel better and watch an episode of Cold Case.
So there you have it... I have watched so YOU don't have to!
What are your favorite shows?