Saturday, March 29, 2008


Spring Break Day 5

We had a great day at OMSI: the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. They had a tonne of cool stuff! We got in just before 11 and left at 5, so we wouldn't get home too late. We bought an annual pass, so we will have to go again and see all the stuff we didn't get to do this time!

In this exhibit you tested your paper cup design in the wind

The special exhibit for the next few months is Chinese Dinosaurs. It was like they knew Ethan was coming! China and dinosaurs- both of which he loves!
We got a bit lost on our way out of Portland and took a bit longer getting home as there was a bit of a snow storm going over Mt. Hood, so the roads were slow. We got home safe and sound around 10:15. Phew!

6 in the bed

There were 6 in the bed and the little one said "Roll Over, Roll Over"
Here we are... wall to wall bodies in our hotel room. I honestly hadn't thought much of it until Brad's brother asked on the phone: "Aren't you guys crowded?"

Zoo's Gone Wild

Spring Break- Day 4

Welcome to the Oregon Zoo!

It was a bit chilly especially in the morning when we arrived at 10:30, but through out the day it warmed up a bit more. Would you believe that after looking at our first exhibit my family ditched me?? I had NO idea where they had gone. I looked around for them for awhile, and after about 30 min. I gave up, found a pay phone and called Brad's cell and told them to meet me at the Elephant encounter, where we were again reunited.
The animals were really active, so it made it a lot of fun! It was nice to go to Portland and see all the flowering trees and green grass, since we are another month away from that here.
The polar bears were really busy. I remember as a kid, loving going to the Polar Bear exhibit. They were great fun to watch. One was busy swimming and the other was busy playing with a barrel.
They also had a place where you could feed the Lorakeets. Everyone (except me- no birds for me thank you very much) got to feed the birds.

And this is me at the end of the day!

Twilight Star Gazing

Spring Vacation- Day 3

Late Monday morning we headed out to Portlad. Samantha and Elise really wanted to go to Kalama WA, about an hour north of Portland, to visit the set of a movie based on a book called "Twilight". Both girls have read the book several times and are anxiously awaiting the movie. As luck would have it they were filming at the High School in Kalama the days we were there, so we took them. When we got to the High School I asked one the the "roadies" if we could get in to see the set, but she informed me that "No, it is a closed set."
Brad decided that if maybe he asked someone else they would let he and Samantha peek in. He went and asked another guy who denied them again, until Brad informed him we had driven 3 hours to see it, so he let them in. Samantha was super excited to see the gym adapted to fit the "Forks High School" theme of the book, and saw a hospital room set they had set up and got a glimpse of one of the actresses (Bella).

We hung around for about 45 minutes, but never saw anymore action. Just the same Samantha seemed satisfied with our excursion to Kalama.

If you click on the picture to enlarge it you will see the banner on the wall says "Forks High School"

This we suspect is "Bella's Truck" It was parked outside the high school (and behind security), so the girls got their picture next to it.

After our excursion to Kalama we went to our hotel for the younger ones much anticipated swim in the hotel pool! Only, once we got to the hotel we discovered that there we something wrong with the pool heater and the pool was a very chilly 70 degrees!! They still jumped in a few times though and spent some time in the hot tub.


Spring Vacation- Day 2

Easter really crept up on me this year. The kids were cute, as usual. It is so fun to have children for the holidays. They make it so fun! About 2 weeks ago Ethan came to me with a letter he had written to the Easter bunny requesting the Easter bunny to leave a computer game in his basket. He wanted me to send it, but I told him you couldn't ask the Easter bunny to bring you something, like Santa Claus, and so there was no address to mail his letter to. Which got me to wondering... why does Santa take requests and the Easter bunny gets to bring you whatever he wants?? You get what you get from the Easter bunny!
Ethan decided instead to leave a note by his Easter basket indicating which basket was his. He was very excited in the morning to see that the Easter bunny had left him a message on his note

The Easter bunny left some chocolate eggs hiding around our first floor, so Ethan and Abby had a great time finding those.
Ethan climbing on the furniture in search of Easter eggs.
After church we had a sister in our ward over for dinner, and by the time that was done it was night time and just about time for bed.
I feel so guilty about not having an Easter egg hunt (the plastic "stuff 'em" kind) I may still have to do that for the kids, just for fun. I'm sure they would still enjoy it. I just didn't get around to it Sunday with the dinner preprations and all.
I made these super yummy/easy rolls for dinner! They are so good!

Last Ski

Spring Vacation- Day 1
Saturday we went for what will probably be our last ski trip for the season :-(
It was $15 LDS night at HooDoo again, so we set out for the fun. Abby even went up to the top of the ski hill this time with her friend Brett (instead of the bunny hill). Unfortunately about 1/2 way down the hill gets a bit steep and narrow and they both started criing and Kim and I had to ski with them between our legs to get them through the rough patch. But she did make it up there! I think it was really tough on those little kids legs with their little skis, as it was kinda slushy and their were a lot of ruts.
Everyone is doing so much better! Elise and Samantha are tackling the big hill now and doing rather well. Brad and Ethan are making progress, but still sticking to the bunny hill as conditions haven't been the best for a beginning snowboarder the last couple of times we have gone.
Still it was a great night and BEAUTIFUL weather!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Cadbury Egg

Did you notice this year how much smaller the Cadbury egg was? Like we wouldn't notice??
Actor B.J. Novak called Cadbury out on it on Conan O'Brian. Cadbury's (made by Hershey in the U.S.) initial reply to "why has the size of the egg changed?" was: "It hasn't- you've just grown up." Yeah right!!
I guess they have since changed their respose to the following: there is a "broad variety of sizes and flavours of products”. Like that's supposed to make it all better!
If you are lucky enough to live in Canada or the UK you can still buy a full size Cadbury Creme Egg as they are NOT made by Hershey. Enjoy while we await the return of the full sized Creme Egg, or start stock piling, yours may be next in Mr. Wonka's shrinking machine!
I thought this site documented "the scandal" well.