Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I am again among the land of the living and it is
Time to Ketchup!!

Turns out I had bronchitis, and I don't think it was bacterial as the antibiotics really didn't seem to help, but I DID enjoy the cough syrup with codeine!!
Once I started feeling better it was time to catch up on my daily tasks that had been woefully neglected... like my laundry... this is the pile of laundry Brad and I folded last night... phew!!

Life continued to march on even though I wasn't 100%...
Ethan was determined to learn how to crochet and actually did a really good job. I was very impressed.

I never thought he would have the patience, but here is one of his long chains he made.

Abby had a fun play date with Lily and we made this fun tent.

Abby and Ethan started karate class (every Wednesday after school)
Here is Abby's assessment of her karate class.

When I asked the kids how they liked their karate class the first day, all they could both say was "It burns!!" LOL!

Samantha and Elise also started their music lessons. Samantha is taking private flute and piano lessons, as well as learning the trombone at school. Elise is also taking piano lessons and starts her rock climbing class today. Abby is also taking swim class 2x/week.

Ethan asked us a few weeks ago if we would take him to a football game, so we looked up the Bend High School schedule and headed out for the game Friday night. Wouldn't you know it though, that one of the 5 times a year it rains in Bend was just after we got to the game! It only lasted about 5-10 minutes though, so we toughed it out. Ethan bought 50/50 tickets and was only 10 numbers away from winning!! We figured out that the guy who bought tickets just before the lady who bought before us was the winner. Bummer... so close!!

The "Lava Bears" really stunk, and lost 45-6, and the 6 were scored in the last minute. But it was a fun outing anyway. We'll have to go again!

This is just a fun picture of Abby eating her pie Sunday night in her "sleeping hat" I am feeling much better now, so stay tuned.... :-)