Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bryan's Coast Trip: Day 2- May 25

Monday morning it was off to Cape Meares

Complete with tour of the lighthouse
(if you double click you can see that's actually us in the lighthouse)
A bit of a tight squeeze "The Octopus Tree"

Then it was on to the Tilamook Cheese Factory.
You knew you were in dairy country as soon as you stepped out of the car!
I was excited to see the working cheese factory, but sadly we forgot it was a holiday, so we didn't get to see people working there, but we did get some awesome cheese samples
AND yummy ice cream!!!
Then, it was back to Pacific City to hike the sand dunes a few times.
It was a tough trek up and an awesome out of control run down :D
Samantha's in the striped orange shirt on the left with Elise sitting down, then Ethan and Brad just above them.
Very FULL and very fun day!!

Bryan's Coast Trip Day 1- May 24

Our coast trip did not start out so smoothly. On our way Ethan started to not feel good, but luckily we were by a gas station when the inevitable happened so that we could buy supplies to clean up Ethan's initiation of the new van. It is truly "ours" now.
We arrived around supper time and the kids set up in their new digs
Elise and Benji enjoyed a fun run down to the beach

The kids got to work immediately digging a pit for us to build a fire in
For me it was too cold. But, this crew was DETERMINED to get a fire going... and they did!!
The beach house was awesome.. it was right on the beach... as you can see.