Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last Ski

Spring Vacation- Day 1
Saturday we went for what will probably be our last ski trip for the season :-(
It was $15 LDS night at HooDoo again, so we set out for the fun. Abby even went up to the top of the ski hill this time with her friend Brett (instead of the bunny hill). Unfortunately about 1/2 way down the hill gets a bit steep and narrow and they both started criing and Kim and I had to ski with them between our legs to get them through the rough patch. But she did make it up there! I think it was really tough on those little kids legs with their little skis, as it was kinda slushy and their were a lot of ruts.
Everyone is doing so much better! Elise and Samantha are tackling the big hill now and doing rather well. Brad and Ethan are making progress, but still sticking to the bunny hill as conditions haven't been the best for a beginning snowboarder the last couple of times we have gone.
Still it was a great night and BEAUTIFUL weather!!


Shawna said...

That is so great that all the kids are old enough to do ski or snowboard. It's the perfect family activity. You're such a great, creative mom Tracey! Glad you guys had fun and everyone survived!

Grandma Whiting said...

Where are the pictures? I guess it is old hat now.

hsjacobus said...

Wish we could have come. The boys so want to learn.