Saturday, June 21, 2008

"My Legs Relay Hurt"

That was the name of our relay team for Saturday's "High Desert Dash." It was a 5 person, 35 mile run from Bend, up the road to Mount Bachelor (ouch!) and then back down to Sunriver. We were lucky that it really was the perfect day to run, for the most part the day was overcast and even a couple of showers. Each team member ran approx. 7 miles over 2 legs of the race (although some had much harder, longer, and steeper runs than others) I got off pretty easy :D
I thought I would share a couple pics of the days events.

The "Dashers"
Deborah, Jill, Me, Emily & Stefanie
The Exchange
This gal Stephanie (in the green) was awesome! She has Type I diabetes and is on an insulin pump and she took on the hardest, longest legs of the run. She was awesome!
It was a fun event and by the end we could honestly say
"My Legs Relay Hurt!"


Sarah said...

Way to go! That's quite a run, I'm totally impressed. And my legs would be killing me too! :)

Christie said...

WOW, Good job guys, that is a lot of running. :-)

Tricia said...

Again I super admire you for running something I WOULD LOVE TO GET INTO. But really to lazy to start. Maybe one day I will take the dive!!!!

brittany said...

Now that is one good looking group of runners!

hsjacobus said...

You have done so many of these it seems. It's such a great thing to do and kudos to the gal with diabetes. It just goes to show that the rest of us have no excuses really.