Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tuesday- Disneyland- Day 5

Tuesday we started our Disney adventure by starting in Disneyland. I picked up Space Mountain fast passes and the machine spit out 2 for everyone instead of 1 each. Yeah! While waiting for space mountain we took a spin at "Autotopia"

Space mountain scared Abby to death! I sat next to her and she screamed like she was being tortured the whole time. She told me "I'm not really old enough to go on that ride, it's just 'cause I have tall shoes" :D. Since I had the extra fast passes and Abby didn't want to go again the other kids got to go on space mountain 3 times in 45 min!

Ethan was totally psyched about getting character's autographs, but unfortunately our pen didn't work, but we still got a cool pic.

Abby liked Splash Mountain the first time around, but we couldn't really see her in the picture.

So the next time around she sat closer to the front and got really freaked out. At the end of the ride she kept crying "I can't do another one.. I can't do another one" (refering to the big drops). Then when we got to the end to see the picture we still couldn't see her and she said to me "Sorry mom!"

We went to the Jedi training show, which was really cool. We really wanted Ethan to do it, but he wouldn't. He told us "I don't want to have to do what they tell me to do. I want to really fight him (Darth Vader)"
Ethan's spending money was burning a hole in his pocket. He wanted to go shopping from moment we entered the park. He kept wanting to stop in every store and spend his money. Finally we told him he had to wait a couple days until he'd seen all the possibilities to try and curb his shopping.
The kids and BRAD loved the Buzz Lightyear Ride and since there wasn't hardly ever a line we went on 3 times!!
We walked right on to Star Tours (NOTHING like the line I stood in 20 years ago) I thought I might be disappointed all these years later, but I have to say... It's still pretty cool!

We had to stop for a churro break. One of the things I remembered loving last time I went to Disney and ... they were still great too!
Abby really wanted to go on the "Finding Nemo" ride, but the line was so long, I told her we would come back later in the evening when more of the little kids had gone home to bed, so the line would be shorter. Then as the day started getting later out of the blue Abby said to me "When are the babies going to go to sleep?" at first I didn't make the connection, but had to chuckle when I realized what she was getting at.

We got on a ton of rides and really maxed out the riding and minimized the waiting. It was a great day, perfect temperature too!


Christie said...

Looks like a ball. Abby is quite the character. Don't you just love the place. Oh it is so fun!! SO what did ethan spend his $ on? :-)

Grandma Whiting said...

What fantastic memories for your family. I bet everyone hated for the vacation to end. That Space Mountain can be pretty scary, even for adults. One time that I bet Abby wished she had taken her shoes off to be measured.

Shawna said...

I loved all the pictures..looks like fun. That's great that you could all go on the rides together. I love the faces on Splash Mountain pictures. Samantha looks hilarious!
Did you guys get to try the corn dogs we were telling you about?

Mott6 said...

Trace....have you grown out your hair?? Your hair looks super long in one of the pictures..or are you there with friends??? HUM...looks like so much fun..That will be a fun trip for us when the kids get a little older.

Sarah said...

What a fun trip! You guys really did it all! And I love that your whole family could go on the rides, that is so fun and I'm totally looking forward to that :) I love the splash mountain pictures too!

Ben said...

More pics please! :)

Grandma Whiting said...

I'm waiting for Wednesday's adventures. Or did you head for home after Tuesday?

The Bryan's said...

I can't believe Abby liked Splash Mountain. She is so little. I absolutely hated it. I'm terrified of rides like that. Way to go Abby! Don't be a chicken like me!!!

Becky said...

That's sound exactly like the first day of our last Disneyland trip! On the way to get fast passes for Space Mtn, we stopped to get a picture with Buzz. Then we went on Autopia while we waited. We also considered the Nemo ride, but the line was too long, so we went back at night and the line was cut in half!