Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ward Campout!

This last weekend was our ward campout. We opted to stay out at the campsite both Thursday and Friday night, and while the days where a beautiful 85 degrees, the nights were pretty chilly. The first night we were there the temp got down to 34 degrees, and the second night we were there it got down to 32 degrees!! Even the dog needed a blanket and had her nose buried under the blanket. Luckily our sleeping bags kept our bodies warm. The only problem was your head sticking out. By morning we all had our heads buried in our sleeping bags too!
Ethan had just got poked in the eye in this picture but it is supposed to be a picture of his lizard. He caught it with his bare hands and carried it around and loved and pet it all day. He even had a leash for it (a piece of string tied around th lizard's waist). Unfortunately his lizard died, but I believe there is a special place in heaven for that little guy who endured so much the last 24 hours of his life to bring so much joy to a little boy :-)
Abby was proud of her grasshopper catch too.
We camped right near this creek that had a couple great swimming holes.

We had kindof a pioneer theme to our Ward Campout since this week is "Pioneer Day" and some of the Sr. Primary girls pulled some of the jr. primary kids around the campground in this little wagon.

After supper Friday night we had a few words from the bishop and then... it was time to dance!
Check out Samantha and Brad's moves (Brad is on the near side in the baseball cap and blue jacket and Samantha is on the far side in a blue tshirt).
Elise danced too, but by the time she got in on the action the light was too dim, so I don't have any good footage of her.

We had a great bonfire too
and visited with friends. We have such a great ward family here! I love it.
In the morning the Primary put on some "pioneer games" for the little ones. I wish I had my camera when they were doing the 3 legged race, as Abby was paired with the boy you see in the yellow shirt. They looked so cute.
We had a great time and came home thoroughly exhausted!


Christie said...

Wow, you have quite the activities committee! What a fun camp out. The freezing cold nights would have sent me packing. Ethans Lizard is so cool. How in the world does that little guy survive those cold nights? Seems like a lizard wouldn't make it through that kind of cold. And I know that he is in a good place for being such a giving lizard

Shawna said...

I've never seen so much fun going on at a ward campout. You do have a great ward!
Loved the pictures of Star all snuggled with Sam. It would have been fun to see the pictures af Abby in the 3 legged race. I can only imagine how cute she was!

brittany said...

I'm so sad I missed out, especially on that dancing. sounds like it was a great time, maybe i'll have better luck next year, i can't possibly be on bedrest a year from now can i?

hsjacobus said...

The campout was fun! Though we only stayed for the evening. Sorry about your lizard Ethan.

Sarah said...

What a fun campout! I love ward campouts, and it looks like you guys have such a great ward! That freezing cold camping sounds normal to me! ;) I always way overdress our kids for sleeping at night in crazy layers, and we are always so hot at night in California. That is something I don't think I'll ever get used to. I'm used to freezing to death at night even in the middle of the summer! ;)

Grandma Whiting said...

The pictures are great. I really enjoyed the videos. Glad everyone had such a fun adventure.

Becky said...

Jeromy just got his schedule for August, and we found out we'll be able to go to our ward camp-out. We've never been able to go to one before. I'm not much of a camper, but I think I can handle one night.