Monday, July 21, 2008

Could we possibly do any more church stuff?

You bet we can!!
Monday we started our trip home early and left the hotel around 8am as we had tickets for the Twin Falls Temple Open House at 11:40am. We got there just in time, and it was so worth the stop. It was neat for the kids to be able to tour the temple. It was especially fun to watch Elise when we were packing before the trip, searching her closet for her best dress to wear to the temple. She really has such a tender spririt and really took it all in. Also, it was neat to hear Samantha's comments upon leaving the temple that she had understood things better than she had before.
In the (telestial) garden room there is this really neat mural of the Shoshone Falls and local landscape which I thought was really cool. I found a news link about the Twin Falls temple that shows the mural and the inside of it really nicely. Click here. Please forgive the lame advertising before the clip.
Here we are at the temple
We also checked out the Snake River Canyon
For our entertainment for 2 hours in the car to Twin Falls we were favored by a radio show by Elise and Ethan. Here is Elise "on air". Their mics were rocks tied with string dangling from the coat hook. The show was actually very entertaining!!
Here are a few clips from the radio show for another 1.5 hours on our trip after Twin Falls on the way back to Bend.

We were also treated to an awesome sunset on the way home!

Monday was a long day, as we didn't get into town until 10:30pm.

I am so glad we made our little "pilgrimage." It was good to show the kids some of the church history and help them realize the great sacrifices that were made by the early saints, so that they could enjoy the restored gospel today. Then to wrap up the trip with a visit to the temple, a place that they can look forward to going to when they are older completed the trip perfectly.


Shawna said...

What a neat family experience! We have 3 new temple coming to Az and I'm excited to be able to take the kids.
My question is: we're the kids being d.j.'s more entertaining than talking to truckers like "Big Burt"?

Christie said...

Beautiful pictures of that sunset!! WOW. What a treat. Sounds like the perfect ending to a spiritual day. Ethan cracks me up. He is so "Cool" I don't know about him and Alex. Alex wouldn't even know what the Heck he was doing with those "Rapper hands". LOL!! Too funny

Becky said...

Gorgeous sunset, and I love the picture below of your four kids walking by the temple.

Grandma Whiting said...

That was very tender of Abby looking for her best dress for the temple, and I was touched that Samantha had a greater understanding of everything in the temple. Very cute of Elise and Ethan putting on the radio show.

Brad said...

Oh, VERY funny Shawna. :)

hsjacobus said...

What an awesome trip. It's nice to have a parent moment like the one's the girls gave you. It sure makes it all seem worth while:)

Karen said...

props to brad on the awesome photos of the sunset. they are incredible!

Brad said...

Thanks Karen!