Sunday, July 20, 2008

Salt Lake City

Saturday was our day to see some of the sites on Temple Square.
We got the tour of the North Visitors Center, had lunch at the "Nauvoo Cafe", checked out the Joseph Smith Memorial building and watched the new movie "Joseph Smith:Prophet of the Restoration" which was really good.
Here Brad & I are 15 years later after our picture was first taken here at our wedding.
We checked out the view from the administration building.
It was in the high 90's again today, so the kids were cooling off under these plants that had recently been watered and were dripping.
We also toured the "Beehive House" and ended our SLC day with a trip to
I have to say it was very different not having Crossroads Plaza and the ZCMI center there to go shopping or grab a bite to eat. It is such a construction mess down there right now!
The kids (and Brad) were "done for" around 4pm, so we decided to head back to the hotel. Right by our hotel was a new Cabela's store that Brad wanted to check out. I have to admit I wasn't exactly on the band wagon about that one but...

we ended up staying at Cabela's for 2 hours! It was great entertainment! All the taxidermy displays, aquariums, shooting range and candy store kept us busy. I can't imagine how long a person could spend in there who was actually interested in the merchandise!

Later that night we were treated to a fireworks show being set off right behind the hotel. We still don't know the occasion, but they lasted a good 15 min. and we had the best seat in the house on our cushy deck chairs behind the hotel about 72 degrees. It was perfect!!


Tricia said...

It's always fun to see pictures of Salt Lake Temple, James' family reunion is there in august but we won't be attending, it would be fun to walk around and take the kids to sites but hopefully someday. Are you heading to Alberta this summer? I remember you wedding picture on the platform in front of the temple, pretty fun to visit and this time have four to add, where it all started. LOL it

brittany said...

you guys sure packed it in while you were there! It all sounds like so much fun.

Christie said...

Yeah, down town just isn't the same w/o the malls. It looks like you had a fun time. We've passed many a Cabellas, and never gone in, I guess we should some day. I've always heard good things about the entertainment value. :-) Looks like a good time

hsjacobus said...

What and awesome day! It was fun to see your picture of Temple Square from above, all the changes. Very cool.