Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Rise and Shout"

"Rise and Shout the Cougars are out, along the trail to fame and glory!"
(Cougar Fight song)

Friday was BYU day for us. It was fun to be back again. A lot of things have changed though.
Being "Alumni" we got to take the old fogies golf cart tour of campus :D

Checked out the bookstore and the fancy new food court at the CougarEat. Wow! Do the students have it good now!

We had some fun at the Science building... Brad really wanted to show the kids the Vortex cannon :D
The kids practiced lecturing in this auditorium.

Did a little bowling at the "Games Centre"

And walked around campus some more. I am sure the kids were sick of hearing us say the whole time "Remember when...", "This wasn't here before!", "This isn't the same", "They have it so good now"

I am soooo stoked for my kids to go to BYU now!! I really want them to go, so that I can go and visit them! Our campus visit was so fun. We ended up spending 8 hours just hanging out on campus.


Grandma Whiting said...

How fun!!!! I am sure your kids enjoyed all the great things to do on campus. I can imagine the ton of nostalgia. Did you see anyone that you knew? Visit your old apartments and homes?

Becky said...

Go, Cougars!! Really, they demolished Deseret Towers??

Shawna said...

That makes me miss it so much. I loved the campus too! Ben and I had some good times there.
The campus has even changed since we were there. Did you get to check out the Hinkley Alumni and visitor center? They had a neat video of his life I enjoyed watching

brittany said...

HOLY COW, 8 hours there! wow. looks like you had tons of fun though.

Christie said...

LOL, you guys on the Alumni cart!! LOL!!! Too funny. A lot has hapend over the years eh?

Sarah said...

Oh how I love BYU! It is amazing how fast everything changes there. I can't wait for my kids to go there either! :)

Josh and Nat said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Wish we could have gotten together! Maybe we will come to Oregon!

hsjacobus said...

I loved BYUI I had been to a college previously and you just can't beat the wonderful spirit (happiness) that is on those campus'. It makes everything seem even better then it is and it's pretty good already. How wonderful that your children got to experience it so early. I hope they get to go so YOU can go visit them:)