Monday, June 09, 2008

California Adventure- Wednesday- Day 6

Wednesday we decided to go to California Adventure.
Abby and Ethan checked out the cool swing at the "Redwook Creek Challenge Trail"

We enjoyed the ferris wheel ride on the "non-rocking" car, while the other kids went on the cool rocking car. I'll try and get the video posted.

Since California Adventure has a bunch of rides that Abby was too small to ride we ended up splitting up for awhile. Abby and I went to the "Bug's World" area and Abby enjoyed a break running through the water, and some of the smaller rides.

Here's one of Flik's flyers (once we got back together)

Churro break!!
Chillin' with "Frozone"
Riding back to the parking lot on the tram, another long day.Abby spent some of her money on her Minnie Mouse hat and Ethan bought his huge sucker.

I think one of our favorite things there that day was the Animation Studio. The Crush Turtle talk was so cool, and the kids loved doing the voice overs for the movie clips.
The Tower of Terror was also very thrilling; Abby and Elise both backed out.
Another great long day!


Ben said...

Animation Studio is one of my favorites too! I can't believe I forgot to tell you guys about that place. I really like the "Beast's Library" room and Turtle Talk is one of Theron's favorites.

Christie said...

I love the sucker, totally something Alex would buy. :-) And the hat, totally Tori. Too funny. :-) UH, and nice picture Ben!

Sarah said...

Tracey, what a fun trip! You are making me want to go back to Disneyland so bad! I love that you gave each of your kids money to get their own special things at Disneyland so they had to decide if they really wanted it. That would really cut down on the constant whining for everything! ;)

Grandma Whiting said...

These are all fun pictures. I thought the picture of Brad and Elise together was a very sweet picture. The Churro break was cute of everyone.

hsjacobus said...

The voice over thing would be very cool:)