Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ward Talent Show '08

Tonight was our ward talent show. While we were not the most talented there by far, Brad and I gave it our best.
The Relief Society Presidency put on a couple skits.

Helga and Olga

The bishopric, exec. sec. and clerk did the finale. Brad's knees gave it their best shot too. It was really fun.


Tricia said...

Very cute, I wish our ward did stuff like that. They even seemed to have a dress code, and yes the knees, what we do if our bodies always did what we wanted them too. However it still looked like a lot of fun.

brittany said...

the bishopric lipsync # was the hit of the evening! Although I really liked the emergency broadcast skit as well.

Shawna said...

You guys rule. You're finally in a ward that has real talent, huh? I loved Brad, thought that was hilarious!

Christie said...

Hey we had our talent show this week end too. I belly danced, and Brent did Rock Band with some buddies It was a really fun night. :-) Looks like Brad was rockin out! Not bad for an old fart.

hsjacobus said...

The bishopric number was great. RS did pretty awesome too:) I wish you had the whole video. I wonder if someone did and will upload it.