Thursday, September 03, 2009

In the land of the giants- Day 3- July 15

Wednesday we decided to go to Fern Canyon, packed a lunch and ate on the chilly foggy beach near the canyon. The chilly air didn't stop the kids from playing around in the sand though.

It was a really cool canyon you could walk up with a little creek running through it.
It was very cool lookin'
Abby wanted me to take a video of her "taking a shower"

At the end of the canyon we went on a little hike and saw these HUGE leaves
After our trip to the Fern Canyon we stopped by "Big Tree"
This was the tallest redwood in the forest there until a few years ago some of the top broke off, but you can't see that high to know the difference anyway.
Then we went to the lookout the Park Ranger suggested to go see the eagles.
Check out the amazing view and all the eagles:
I was surprised by how cold it was the whole time we were there (with the exception of Tuesday afternoon). We wore jackets or long sleeved shirts and pants most of our time there. Brrr!


Christie said...

I LOVE the picture of the girls laughing on the beach. That is perfect. Great view of the Eagles. Hope you didn't hike for too long for that one. :-) You always seem to have such awesome vacations! I need you to plan my next one. :-)

brittany said...

man, next time you go, we want to go too. tell elise i love her hair. it looks so cute!