Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bad taste in my mouth after Hell's Kitchen

So, since I have been watching the same shows since like... forever, I thought I would give a couple "new" ones a chance last night. Actually the remote was downstairs and I didn't want to have to go and get it to change the channel, so after AI was the show "Hell's Kitchen". I really was curious though to see what all the hype was about.
Yuck! The show consisted of people yelling and swearing at me for an hour! I do NOT recommend this show. Sorry if you like it. And how do these people... "chefs" send out undercooked chicken? I haven't ever even had that happen to me at a fast food restaurant!
After Hell's Kitchen I watched "Bones." The promo was cute, a little animosity between two co-workes, kinda CSIish... SO DUMB!! The lines were so canned and the glimpse into the future of ridiculous technologies, trying so hard to be cool... never again.
After spending 2 hours watching lame shows I had to make myself feel better and watch an episode of Cold Case.
So there you have it... I have watched so YOU don't have to!
What are your favorite shows?


Christie said...

Hey thanks for saving me the time.

Shawna said...

Do you ever watch The Soup? It's hilarious...basically it's doing what you just did. Pointing out all of the dumb shows so we don't have to watch them.

The Bryan's said...
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The Bryan's said...

Have you seen John & Kate Plus 8? I really like that show. Its about a couple that had twin girls and right after that had sextuplets that are 3 years old. I really love my life every time I see that show -Gabi-

Becky said...

My favorites right now are American Idol, the Bachelor, and the Biggest Loser. Hmmm, all reality shows. And Jeromy and I watch Lost together.

I also love Women's Murder Club and Shark. Check them out if they ever come back! The writers strike messed everything up.

hsjacobus said...

I wish I knew. I'm as bad about TV as I am about the radio. How about a favorite book. Well, no that too would be hard to choose, but only because I have so many. Keep in mind I live with 3 males and the likely hood of obtaining the remote when we're actually home is slim and none.