Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tag You're It

So, my sister in law Shawna tagged me (I hope I do this right)

The Good
1- I will do anything for you. I will even give up cleaning up my house, folding and ironing (see Bad section 1)
2- I love to talk (I think this goes under the good section) Brad tells me all the time he thinks there is a sign on my forehead that reads "Talk to me". I'm not too bad at listening either :D
3- I have great kids and the funniest husband.

The Bad
1- I hate housework. Cleaning, ironing, laundry... anything
2- I am a clutter bug. I hate throwing anything away! (Thanks mom and dad for still holding on to those Lady Di albums for me at home, as well as a dried up corsage from grade 9 from a boy I really didn't like, as well as my 2nd grade drawing of a rabbit and a diecut telephone I got from kindergarten when I memorized my telephone number and....... a room full of my junk and a box in the basement)
3- I am a piler (is that even a word?) - I like to make piles. I am looking at several right now on my computer desk
4- I am a procrastinator. Don't know why... I have tried to be better. Sometimes I will try to plan in advance, but the night before I am always changing things, or just adding "one more thing" that will make it better.

The Ugly
1- Me doing aerobics... maybe I should put this under the scary section. I am soooo uncoordinated
2- Me getting up in the morning. Ugh! I HATE mornings.
3- My hair most of the time. I hate spending time on my hair.

So that's the good, the bad and the ugly of me!
Now I tag Brittany, Dori and Suelynn


brittany said...

so I've been waiting for you to post all day and then i click on enjoy the reading and, AND you tag me. i shouldn't have read ;) this one is hard. i'll be thinking, you be watching, and maybe just maybe i'll tag you back. ha ha.

Christie said...

What you don't want to know the good the bad the the ugly from me???? LOL!! Like you don't know them. So the funny thing that EVERYONE should know, is that our dear Tracey used to have THE CLEANEST room in the whole wide world, and was the PERFECT teenager, only ever sneaking out once, and only did it to say that she had done it, and came straight home. :-) LOL!!! Just that kind of girl.

hsjacobus said...

Okay Christie, that's funny. She's still a good girl. You should see how hard she works on her Relief Society calling.

Tracey this is very hard. I didn't think it would be but honestly I'll have to think about this one!!!