Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter Wonderland

While I didn't think the snow so glorious Sunday on my way to and from church as I slid and slipped all the way there and back. The scene out of my 2nd floor window was beautiful so I thought I would share it with you.
This morning I went and bought snow tires! I feel so mean in those babies! So, if you live in Bend, no need to worry... there won't be any more snow storms because I am now prepared. The roads should remain nice and dry for the next 10 months!


Christie said...

So pretty. Glad you got some safe tires. It is sure to stop snowing now!

brittany said...

ha ha you are funny! at least there is snow today so you'll get one good use.

hsjacobus said...

Ya, Tracey how's that no more snow storm theory going? I'm pretty sure we've been getting continuously dumped on since Sunday and even before. I think the question we're all asking now is "WILL IT EVER STOP?!" I don't mind it, but really it's getting a bit much. I went out to feed the horses this morning and it's well over the top of my boots. I almost felt like "What's the point of wearing them?" You know when this all melts we're going to have to rename this town "Mudville."