Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Arbor Week

While National Arbor Day is not until the end of the month, next week is Oregon's Arbor Week. To celebrate we went out to Shevlin Park to help plant Ponderosa pine trees. It was a beautiful day to do it too. We were out there for about 2 hours and we figure we planted 20-25 trees. Every year they plant trees in this area that was damaged by fire in 1990. We will now have our very own grove of trees in about 30 years!

First start out with a 2 year old Ponderosa pine sapling and a basket to keep the deer out

Then dig a hole (Abby INSISTED on digging hers with her tiny trowel, even though I had a big shovel.)

Put the sapling in at the right depth and refill the hole

Pat it in really good

Tada! Here are the kids sitting in what will be shade in their grove of trees they planted. Check back in 30 years for a picture with trees and shade.

p.s. Thanks to Suelynn for the batteries for my camera so I could take more than 2 pictures.

p.p.s. Of course we knew someone here... this is Bend!

p.p.p.s. If you live locally they are doing this again Thurs. and Fri. 3-5:30, and Sat 9-1


Grandma Whiting said...

What great citizens. Not everyone gets to plant a tree ever in their lifetime, and you were able to experience this at very young ages. Can't wait for 30 years to see the results.

Tricia said...

What a great idea, I wonder if we have anything like that up here...... You kids look happy doing it too!

Ben said...

Great work, guys! There is something really fulfilling about planting trees, isn't there?

Becky said...

You guys are so cool.

hsjacobus said...

I'm glad I had the batteries. It was fun running into people we knew.

Becky said...

Tracey, you don't have to update your graph if you gain weight! If you'll notice, mine has stayed steady at -6 for several weeks now!

brittany said...

even star got to go! what a fun event for the bryan family. i'm sad lily and i missed it, but not stella.

Christie said...

You always find the neatest things to do with your kids. I am always impressed by your activities.