Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Just like Family"

So, after we had been sledding again the other day, Ethan asked me if we could bring our friend Myles sledding to the hill sometime if he were to come and visit. Myles is our neighbour and friend from Attleboro. A discussion then ensued about how much they missed him and how Myles and his parents, Brenda and Glenn were "just like family" and how they couldn't believe how much they missed them. I made a little video in the video bar of a few pics I had of them together. Now I wish I had more pictures of them together, or at least better ones. We were so fortunate to have such good friends that really were and are like family to us.


Christie said...

Awww sweet, it is hard to leave those friends that we get so close to. Your lucky that Brenda is willing to travel to see you all too.

Christie said...

Your video almost made me cry..... so sad. I think you have a pretty good number of pictures. :-)

Shawna said...

So sweet Tracey. You made me miss them and I've never met them! It's great having friends like Brenda. Your pictures were's fun looking at how the kids have changed too.