Monday, January 14, 2008


So our neighbours Brittany and Ryan come over last night to share with us their cupcakes. Now, you may recall that last weekend I took them some of "Pioneer Woman's" to DIE FOR, muffins. Now, I have had Brittany's yummy cooking before and she has posted some delicious looking food on her blog. So I am ready for some amazing cupcakes when she asks with a big grin "Can I get your opinion for my "Taste of Tuesday" recipe for my blog? Ryan doesn't like cream cheese frosting, so he won't eat it"... Here I should have guessed something was up, but hey she said cream cheese and they looked like chocolate!! Ethan immediately grabbed one before they could get in the door, he licked the icing off the top and feigned fainting as he declared "Delicious". "Now give me your honest opinion" Brittany urges on... Now the pressure is on... What if it's not so great??? Is this her great grandmas best cupcake recipe and I'm going to say it's gross? The kids have devoured theirs and are loving our unexpected treat. It must be good... Slowly I tear off the paper and timidly take a bite. Brittany and Ryan wait for the verdict. "Hmmmm, chocolaty, but a bit dense... more like a big fudge brownie than a cupcake... not what you would normally expect from a cupcake, but still good."
It was then that Brittany revealed to me the TRUTH.... AVACADO CUPCAKES WITH CAULIFLOWER ICING!!!! No way!!!
Brittany has the new Deceptively Delicious cookbook by Seinfeld's wife. The cupcakes had been made with avacado, and the icing had cauliflower in it. I have to admit that after hearing the ingredients, especially the icing, it was a little harder, mentally to eat, but it still tasted pretty good. My official verdict is: while maybe not delicious and a bit dense they were still chocolaty good. I wouldn't crave them for myself, but the kids devoured them, and isn't that what deceptively delicious is all about??
Have you tried any "Deceptively Delicious" recipes, or snuck "healthy" things into your kids food?


Shawna said...

I saw that book on an Oprah show once and thought it was a great idea. I have been wanting it but never got around to buying it. Maybe I'll have to get it and try something. If I do, I'll let you know what I like and how it turns out!

hsjacobus said...

Too funny! Way to go Britney!:) I have snuck stuff into my families food for years, but I am happy to have a real set of recipes to go with the idea. I got the same book for Christmas from my Mother-in-law, who knows my plight with her son and now his children. My husband always says of healthy food, "That stuff will kill ya!" What a goober. The last one I did was sweet potatoes pureed and put into mac n cheese. Not one person even noticed they were in there. Ha, ha, ha, ha:)

Shawna said...

Oh! I thought of one... does putting mashed up Usana vitamins in applesauce or juice count? Ha ha ha!

Becky said...

No, I prefer "devilishly delightful!"

My kids are pretty good veggie eaters. I figure no one's going to sneak pureed veggies into their food when they grow up, so they might as well just learn to eat them now! And the occasional vitamin makes up for anything they might have missed. Maybe I'm just lazy and it's easier to give them french fries and a gummy vitamin!!

Jake and Annika said...

I bought this cookbook in December for myself for my birthday (haha) - I gave it to Jake and closed my eyes while singing "happy birthday" so he could give it to me. Anyway, love it!!! My boys are finally eating their vegies!