Friday, January 18, 2008

Flashback Friday- 1980

Lace up your rollerskates, crank up your speakers, because today we are going to 1980's Xanadu!
CAUTION! Lots of big hair, unflattering dresses and one particularly scary looking tightrope walker with eyeliner and legwarmers!

As a young 7 year old at the time I thought Olivia Newton John was the most beautiful girl in the world. I loved to sing along to the radio and loved this song, but could never really figure out the words to this song (after all who ever heard of the word "Zanadoo"?)
Then one Sunday I was at church and they were giving a lesson about gratitude..... Ahh Haaa!!! That was what she was singing "Graaaaatituuuuude, Graaaatituuuuuude!"(go ahead, give it a try... it works!) So I continued to sing it that way for a good year until my cousin bought the vhs tape of the movie and I realized it was called Xanadu, boy was that embarassing!
Did you see or do you remember the movie Xanadu?


hsjacobus said...

Wow, I'm completly unfamiliar with all of this except the hair and clothes. About the only thing I remember Olivia in was Grease. My hubby was a big fan though so I'll have to send this along to him so he can have a nice flashback moment.

Christie said...

LOL you and your songs! Gray knees. :-) That was a fun trip back. love the outfits.