Thursday, March 04, 2010

Playin' hooky!

February 5th we pulled the little kids out of school (the big girls were off) and headed up to the mountains. As my mom would say "The mountains were calling."
We couldn't have ordered a more BEAUTIFUL day!! It was GORGEOUS!I skiied without gloves the whole day. The kids had their jackets opened and a few people on the slopes were skiing in short sleeve t-shirts!

Ethan has decided to stick with skiing for now. He told us he "likes the wind in his hair" when he skiis.
Brad's stickin' with the snowboard It was nice to have Brittany to ski with the big girls as well.
See what a beautiful day it was??

Days like this are the ones skiiers live for (at least this one!). GREAT day!!


Sarah said...

It looks like a PERFECT day! :)

Christie said...

Remembering Brads first day skiing..... I was a little surprised to see him on a snowboard

Grandma Whiting said...

Another fun outing for the Bryan's. Enjoyed Ethan's remark about the wind blowing in his hair.