Friday, November 27, 2009

November Highlights- Lots of flute performances

One crisp fall afternoon we decided to go play in the leaves. However there are no leaf bearing trees near us (or big enough ones) so we had to head to the school to play in the leaves. Ethan wanted to take a rake, but I told him, if he wanted to take a rake over there, he would have to take it himself because I didn't want to carry it. Then he decided he wanted to ride his scooter over to the school, so this is how he managed it.
Looks pretty precarious doesn't it? (He DID make it to the school unscathed, surprisingly)
Fall leaves are so fun!
Star enjoyed it too!
Super heros!
An attempt at Charlie's Angels.
Considering the kids have never heard or seen of it... not bad :-)
Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy leaves

Cool moon
November has been full of performances for Samantha on her flute.
First was the Veteran's parade
Then was the Ensemble concert in Sunriver.
Samantha's teacher, Pam Hughes, Sam and her ensemble flute trio
Samantha's Ensemble concert in Sunriver
We took the Elders out to eat at Pilot Butte Burger and Elder Yost polished off this 16oz. burger without any problem. Elder Simpson settled for the regular burger.
Our YW in Excellence night was really nice. These are our girls.
Samantha also performed on her flute at the YWIE.
Samantha, a beautiful "example of the believers"
Check out the WIBC/Seattle post for more of Samantha's flute performances this month.


Grandma Whiting said...

It is so much fun to be a grandma and see and hear of the accomplishments of my grandchildren. I loved listening and watching Samantha's flute performances. And she looked so pretty. Fun pictures of the kids playing in the leaves and the shadows on the walls. Very ingenious and agile of Ethan on transporting the rake.

Sarah said...

You've been busy updating! And it looks like you guys have been busy, no surprise there :) Your birthday looked wonderful! Happy belated birthday!

Grandma Whiting said...

I finally figured out how to get into Samantha's band performance. They play very well. Samantha deserves lots of praise for her gift and for her dedication to the flute. She should feel very proud.

Amanda said...

what fun! - hey can you email me your home address for Christmas cards? -