Thursday, May 07, 2009

Easter fun

Easter morning!!
You would have thought it was Christmas. My kids were up until midnight on "Easter eve" and were up by 5am!! Nuts!!
(p.s. 4 kids and a mom without enough sleep and too much sugar in the morning do not make for an enjoyable day at church... I was ready to strangle them!)
Ethan and I made these fun Easter eggs. I'm afraid the light is terrible, but you get the idea.
I think they are quite impressive looking!! This paisley one is my favorite. They were fun to make and I think the result turned out pretty cool We'll be even better at it next year.
I found out how to make these from a friends blog who found the tutorial here.
Here's a little video of their Easter morning egg hunt


Grandma Whiting said...

Fun pictures and video. Those eggs are beautiful. So many different ways to decorate eggs nowadays. So much more advanced than what I remember. I enjoyed watching the videos in their search for eggs.

Grandma Whiting said...

P. S. Was Samantha the only one who slept in? I don't see her in the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Is that a quilt I see???

Sarah said...

I feel the same way about crazy sugar high sleep deprived children on Easter going to church. I've been considering having the Easter bunny come on saturday morning to avoid the craziness. The egg hunt looks like so much fun, though! :)

hsjacobus said...

Those eggs are way cool! We're going to have to try that next year.