Monday, March 16, 2009

Was I dreaming?

It was so long ago now, I wonder if it was really a dream... I was skiing on Mount Bachelor AGAIN, without any kids AGAIN!!

I just checked on my cell phone pictures again to confirm that my friend Kim (mother of 4) and I were really there together without children... and it's TRUE, IT REALLY HAPPENED!!

How could this be, you ask??

Well, it was all thanks to my dear brother in law, Benji's, terrible misfortune. Benji flew in on Feb 27th on a beautiful Friday morning from AZ to snowboard for the weekend. I took him straight from the airport to the ski hill where he bought a 2 day pass for his fun snowboarding weekend. Sadly (for him :D) he fell late in the day on Friday and by Friday evening was hurting so bad he knew he couldn't snowboard on Saturday. So... as not to let a good pass go to waste I called my friend Kim at 10:15pm Friday night to see if she could ski with me... and she said "YES!"
We had a great day together "sans" children and remembered why we loved skiing and got to try out some runs the likes of which neither of us had seen in years. True, we were a little rusty, but we have decided that we need to do this again and hone our skills a little more.

Here's a little video I took of us skiing

p.s. I understand that Benji, Brad and the kids had a good time at the High Desert Museum and a fun snowball fight... so sad I missed that.... :D Thanks for coming Benji!

Benji has always been such a great uncle. The kids LOVE him!!
sorry about your hip Benji.... but thanks for an AWESOME day!


Jinksee said...

What!? No kids!? What was the bribe? hee hee.. That sounds like fun. It's always nice to have a little um..'vacation'..from reality every now and then. :D

Christie said...

lucky lucky you! And NO KIDS!! WOW. Your skiing has improved a little I see. Nicely done.

Sarah said...

So, so fun!! And no kids? Lucky! :)

Shawna said...

Such a funny post! I'm glad that Kim is a better skiing partner than I am. it didn't look like she stopped on the middle of a run and side stepped her way down like a scared little chicken yelling, "I can't do it! I can't do it"!

Benji is still feeling the aftermath from his crash...

Glad you got to go though!