Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've been meaning to post these for some time (they are last year's work), so I have a copy of them for my blog book

Funny, friendly
They can pinch hard.
Hermit crabs
by Ethan Bryan
A Color Poem
Orange is the sunset
slowly taking the day away.
Orange are the flames in my head
when I get really angry.
And, a candle light is orange, too.
Green is the grass
so bright in the spring.
Green is an iguana
slowly moving in its cage.
And, a fresh pickle is green, too.
Blue is a forget-me-not
growing in a beautiful garden.
Blue is sad
when someone gets put-down.
And, my eyes are blue, too.
by Elise Bryan
Auto-bio Poem
Weird, smart, confusing, and kind.
Daughter of Tracey and Bradley Bryan
Lover of my family
Who feels excited, happy and unsure
Who finds happiness in reading books,
twilight, day-dreams and rides
Who needs a book nearby at all times,
friends and weekends
Who gives attention to my dog, love to my
family and respect to people
Who fears the high dive, getting in trouble,
and sad times
Who would like to see Robert Patterson,
Kristen Stuart and Hawaii
Who enjoys reading, nice weather and
playing with my Peeps
Who likes to wear the color blue, capris and
Resident on Aberdeen Drive in Bend
I Am...
I am Elise
I wonder why the sky is blue.
I hear birds chirping in my yard.
I see people riding bikes when it's warm outside
I want to be a teacher when I grow up.
I am Elise
I imagine that the "Twilight" series is real.
I feel happy right now.
I touch my pencil and write.
I worry about the soldiers in Iraq.
I cry every time I see
"Where the Red Fern Grows."
I am Elise.
I understand that lying is very wrong.
I sometimes say things I don't mean.
I dream about "Twilight."
I try to be better every day.
I hope someday that I can
have a perfect day.
I am Elise.
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
Short dogs,
Longer dogs,
Happy funny, friendly dogs.
Lonely, worried, sad dogs.
Those are just a few.
Shy dogs,
Bored dogs,
Black, white, furry dogs.
Fuzzy dogs, too.
Big dogs,
Small dogs,
Muddy dogs.
Don't forget cuddly dogs.
Last of all, best of all.
I like puppy dogs.
I Used To...
I used to say, "hostipal"
but now I says, "hospital."
I used to think that Halloween was a day
off school, but now I know it isn't.
I used to have a lot of fun with my big
sister, but now she ignores me
most of the time.
I used to think reading wasn't fun,
but now I love it!
I used to think that the rain just dropped
magically, but now I know
about the water cycle.
The Ultimate Monster
I am the Crazy Monster.
My hair are patches.
My ears are wooden toy cars.
I am the Crazy Monster.
My nose is a tomato.
My cheeks are two huge pieces of popcorn.
I am the Crazy Monster.
My arms are logs
My legs are beads glued together
I am the Crazy Monster.


Christie said...

my goodness, those are really neat! My favorite was the Dog one! All of them are really well done though. I didn't know that she was a poet.

brittany said...

i'm thinking elise is shaping up to be the next shel silverstein! she is quite the poet.

Grandma Whiting said...

So much creativity in your children. Loved Ethan's short poem. And Elise I can tell you put a lot of thought into the poems you wrote. I enjoyed them very much.

The Bryan's said...

Good job Elise and Ethan!